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500ml Morocco Bottle

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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For health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds, Morocco Gold is a natural, unfiltered, ultra-premium, polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil, whose exquisite taste and health enhancing qualities are guaranteed by our rigorous testing, provenance and authenticity, and strict adherence to single estate sourcing, with no blending or mixing.

Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil sets a new standard for provenance, authenticity and the guarantee of extra virgin quality.

Uniquely, we include the results of our testing on each and every bottle of Morocco Gold so that our customers can see at a glance the guarantee of extra virgin quality.

Morocco Gold makes the ideal “gift of health” for family and friends.

New Harvest

We are delighted to share the headline results of our latest harvest analysis for Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil, now available to our customers.

Acidity level: 0.27%
Polyphenols: 278mg / kg

This confirms the ongoing high quality of this rare, delicious tasting extra virgin olive oil from this wonderful new source, together with its health enhancing qualities from its high polyphenol count.

Morocco Gold is now being shipped to our customers worldwide, throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, throughout Europe as well as in the UK.


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