Morocco Gold

Single Estate Extra Virgin
Olive Oil From Morocco

Morocco Gold is a single estate, extra virgin olive oil from olives grown and pressed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

It is brought to you by a unique British-Moroccan business partnership.

Morocco Gold is the first Moroccan extra virgin olive oil in the UK market.

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Pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away

This superior quality oil has a subtle yet distinctive green fruitiness which comes from the Picholine olive. The oil has a fresh and vibrant flavour with a hint of herbs and a clean light finish.

Morocco Gold is rigorously tested and fully traceable throughout its production to guarantee provenance, authenticity and extra virgin quality.

Morocco Olive Grove


Olive oil has been made in Morocco for centuries

Morocco has a long heritage of growing olives and producing this 'liquid gold'.

In recent years the industry has seen considerable investment and modernisation by the Moroccan government and business.

Morocco Gold Served on a Table


Extra virgin olive oil, a natural addition to a healthy diet

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil as part of the Mediterranean diet are well known and now proven through rigorous research.