Recipes Using Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking

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Olive Oil Cake

With all this talk of monounsaturated fat, polyphenols and cake in one sentence,  you must be tempted to get in to the kitchen this winter! ...

Recipe dishes using extra virgin olive oil

Like all the best extra virgin olive oils, Morocco Gold is an incredibly versatile cooking product and can add both taste and nutritional quality to meals in a variety of different ways. This includes finishing cooked dishes, dipping with bread and roasting. Some have even been known to drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil over your ice cream to help bring out the flavour and add to the creamy texture!

The particular characteristics of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its distinctive green fruitiness, hints of almond and herbs, fresh turf and the peppery aftertaste, will give a vibrant, well balanced finish to all of these dishes. We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new 2021 Morocco Gold harvest - which is richer in disease-fighting Polyphenols than ever before. And now is the perfect time to pre-order your new Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil , which is at its freshest just after harvest. We have worked harder than ever to ensure the perfect balance of Polyphenols to deliver a fresh, fruity flavour while maximising the powerful health benefits.