Another Gold For Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Starpack Awards

“The Gold award packaging event hosted for over 60 years by Starpack have celebrated excellence in packaging and the fantastic work being done in process development and engineering, focusing on innovation and recognition of personal as well as corporate achievement”.

Starpack is widely regarded as the UK’s leading awards for all facets of the packaging industry, including manufacture, design and new technology.

Morocco Gold is therefore truly delighted to be the Gold Award Winner at the prestigious Starpack Packaging Industry Innovation Awards. Past winners include Coca-Cola, Dyson, Chivas Whiskey and many more household names.

The Morocco Gold innovative design enables this wonderful, premium quality extra virgin olive oil from this amazing new source to reach health conscious food lovers around the world. Key features include:

  • Strength & Durability – able to withstand the withstand the additional handling (up to 50 touch-points) involved in e-commerce supply and provide the protection necessary for a high-quality, glass product to be shipped world-wide.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – the design is tailored to fit the Morocco Gold bottle with no need for any further packaging (polystyrene chips, airbags etc.). There is zero wastage. The pack is easily collapsible and fully re-cyclable.
  • Anonymity – from the outside there is no external indication of the high-value of the product contained in the pack.
  • Customer Experience – simple to open with no need for tools scissors etc. and easy to flatten and recycle. On opening, the pack delivers the ‘wow’ factor, reinforcing brand values and communicating the story of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil.

Great ideas and beautifully presented product. Cleverly assembled and very impactful when the pack is opened”

Judges comments from the Starpack 2019 Packaging Industry Innovation Awards

Morocco Gold is now already being shipped to our customers around the USA, as far afield as Singapore, Japan, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico as well in the EU and the UK. You too can benefit from our gold award winning e-commerce packaging.

This enables health conscious, discerning food lovers from all cultural backgrounds and cuisines to enjoy the wonderful taste of this exquisite extra virgin olive oil, fresh and green with hints of almonds and herbs, with the deliciously peppery and slightly bitter light aftertaste.

We also know from speaking to our customers at our tasting events that they appreciate the many amazing health benefits of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil including:

  • Reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Having a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis
  • Maintaining the digestive tract in good health.
  • Helping to reduce blood pressure
  • Helping control healthy cholesterol levels
  • Easing or preventing diabetes
  • Lessening the severity of osteoporosis

We are delighted and thrilled that our gold award winning packaging makes this wonderful extra virgin olive oil available to food lovers around the world.

Read the comments from Starpack online brochure.

Gordon Robert Starpack Winners 2019
Gordon Robert Starpack Winners 2019
Morocco Bottle Packaging
Morocco Bottle 2019 Gold Award Packaging