Extra Virgin Olive Oil In The Atlantic Diet

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How The Atlantic Diet Compares To The Mediterranean Diet For Health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And The Atlantic Diet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil And The Atlantic Diet


  • The Atlantic Diet includes extra virgin olive oil and is inspired by eating habits of northwestern Spain and Portugal.
  • Like The Mediterranean Diet, The Atlantic Diet emphasises fresh seasonal foods and health fats like olive oil and fish.
  • Unlike the Mediterranean diet, the Atlantic diet also includes moderate amounts of meat and pork products, as well as starchy vegetables like potatoes.
  • A quality extra virgin olive oil is an excellent addition to many recipes on The Atlantic Diet.


Atlantic Diet With Olive Oil Can Reduce Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome.

According to a new study, the Atlantic diet may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – the combination of high blood pressure, high blood fat levels, obesity, and high blood sugar – all of which can lead to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

As reported in Sight Magazine,

The researchers conducted what’s known as a secondary analysis – with data from a previous study on the Atlantic diet, the GALIAT Atlantic Diet study, in order to better understand its effects. This was a six-month randomised clinical trial, which included more than 500 participants who were grouped together by family.

As part of the GALIAT trial, families were placed into two groups. One group followed the Atlantic diet. They were also taught about the diet and given cooking classes to help adhere to it. The second group, who acted as the control group, followed their usual diet and lifestyle.

The study lasted for six months. At the beginning of the study and after six months, researchers collected information on participants’ food intake using a three-day food diary, as well as their physical activity levels, any medications they took and other variables such as weight if they smoked.

In the initial GALIAT diet study, the researchers found that the Atlantic diet group lost weight – whereas those in the control group gained weight. The Atlantic diet group also saw improvements in their levels of one type of cholesterol – though other types of cholesterol still remained the same. There were also no changes in their blood pressure and blood sugar.

In the recent secondary analysis of this study, the researchers found that overall, participants who had followed the Atlantic diet had significantly lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome compared to the control group. They also found that following the Atlantic diet lowered risk of obesity, improved waist circumference and levels of cholesterol (specifically high-density lipoprotein).

But though the Atlantic diet had an overall effect on lowering risk of metabolic syndrome, it wasn’t shown to have much effect on specific aspects of metabolic syndrome. Specifically, the researchers did not see any benefit from the Atlantic diet on blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels.

Overall, the study shows that consuming the Atlantic diet may be helpful for managing weight – which may in turn lower risk of some long-term chronic conditions (such as cardiovascular disease).

What Is The Atlantic Diet And Where Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil Come In?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extract Could Aid Excercise

The Atlantic diet draws inspiration from the traditional eating habits of people living in northwestern Spain and Portugal. Similar to the Mediterranean diet, it emphasizes local, fresh, and minimally processed seasonal foods such as:

However, unlike the Mediterranean diet, the Atlantic diet also includes moderate amounts of meat and pork products, as well as starchy vegetables like potatoesResearchers suggest that the Atlantic diet may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood pressure, high blood fat levels, obesity, and high blood sugar1. It’s a wholesome approach that combines healthy eating with regional flavors!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil As Part Of The Mediterranean And Atlantic Diets

Keeping a bottle of the best olive oil in your store cupboard all year round is a great way to stay on track with either The Southern European Atlantic or The Mediterranean Diet.

Extra virgin olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. A healthy diet that is associated with sensible tasty portions and slower, more enjoyable eating. People who eat a Mediterranean diet have been shown to have a remarkable variety of health benefits. The extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet can quickly satisfy hunger. It can lead to fewer total calories ingested at mealtime.

But, whichever diet you choose to follow, the key thing is to stick with it until it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. This is especially important as we lead ourselves gently out of a global health pandemic.

Markos Klonizakis, a clinical physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University, in England, said one of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet is that there are many variations, making it adaptable across cultures. In addition, Klonizakis argues that the eating preferences of people can be shaped by many factors and the current pandemic may be one of them.

“Unhealthy food is easier to prepare. Maybe the coronavirus pandemic is a chance for us to start eating better. Of course, eating patterns are also a matter of trend, for example, the vegan regime has many adherents even though its benefits are not widely established, but nutritional tradition usually endures through time.”

Markos Klonizakis, a clinical physiologist, Sheffield Hallam University, England