Wellbeing And The Workplace: Can The Mediterranean Diet Help?

Healthy Living Using Olive Oil

How Mediterranean Lifestyle Choices Can Benefit Your Working Life.

Workplace Wellness With Mediterranean Diet
Workplace Wellness With Mediterranean Diet

The popular Mediterranean Diet is a great way to improve your workplace wellness. The diet is based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and the best extra virgin olive oil, with moderate amounts of fish and poultry. It’s been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions like cancer. Plus, it’s easy to follow, doesn’t require any special ingredients or equipment and it can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

If your employer offers a wellness program, you may want to try to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your wellness plan. Here are some tips for getting started on the Mediterranean diet at work.

Why Is Wellness At Work Important?

According to fullymediterranean.com

  • Employers save on average $5.82 in lower absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs.
  • 61% of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program.
  • 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

These are compelling statistics and worth thinking about when making your lifestyle and dietary choices at work.  Whether you are office based, work from home or adopt a mix of both, there are very simple changes you can make that can benefit your long term wellness.

Mediterranean Wellness

Four Easy Ways To Incorporate Mediterranean Wellness Into Your Workday:

1.Plan Your Meals

Whether it’s for a Mediterranean meal plan or not, writing your shopping list around a well thought out meal plan will ultimately save you time, money, and wastage.  Why not take some time out on a Sunday to plan some fun work lunches or batch cook then pull something out of the fridge/freezer as you head out of the door each morning?

2.Take Your Schedule into Consideration

If you known you have a busy day ahead, opt for quick and easy dishes and leave the extra walking time for days when you have a bit more flexibility in your schedule.

3. Make It A Social Event

Involve your colleagues in some Mediterranean themed cooking.  If you all bring in a dish, you could sit down to a Mezze platter at lunchtime.

4. Remember It’s About Movement Too

Wellness is not just about your nutritional choices; it’s about keeping your body physically active too.  Why not try taking a walk during your lunch hour or getting off the bus a few stops early if you have the time.  Alternatively, is it worth exploring the option of a standing desk at work or even just taking the stairs instead of the lift?

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Wellness

It has been known for centuries that high quality extra virgin olive oil is good for your health and wellbeing. It has also been lauded across many cultures.

In ancient Rome, olive oil was used for nearly everything in relation to their health. Roman medicine takes heavily from Greek doctors, who influenced European medicine for centuries.

The difference now is – following extensive scientific research we now know exactly what is in high quality olive oils that is so good for you – its antioxidant polyphenols.

Echoing the ambition of The Global Wellness Institute and its Ambassadors across the globe, Morocco Gold is on a mission to:

  1. Re-establish extra virgin olive oil as a healthy diet / wellness lifestyle choice
  2. Show wellness conscious people on how this incredibly simple diet / lifestyle choice – inclusion of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil – can have a profound impact on their health and wellbeing
  3. Show how extra virgin olive fits into a wider wellness lifestyle.

So,  why not join us in our mission to boost wellness in the workplace as well as at home with a little bit of inspiration from The Mediterranean!