Where Does Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Come From?

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The story of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin olive oil arguably begins a long time ago – a very long time ago.

The Morocco Gold olive growing area is 180 kms and about 4 hours drive north east from Marrakesh. It is situated in a raised valley in the foothills of the magnificent Atlas mountains in the Azilal Province which is part of the Beni Mellal region. The area rarely sees many tourists or ‘outsiders’.

The geological history of this remote and unspoiled valley shows that it was formed in the early Jurassic period around 190 million years ago. It shows well preserved sediments and rocks of marine origin (called Lias) towards the valley sides and sediments alternating between shallow marine carbonates, continental silts and red sandstone from the Cretaceous era – around 145 – 66 million years ago towards the center of the valley.

The Cretaceous covers a period with a relatively warm climate, with sea level changes (known as tectono-eustatic oscillations) driven either by increases in the volumes of the oceans, or by the rising and falling of the land due to tectonic plate movements – a process that helped form the Atlas mountains themselves. The evidence strongly suggests that this valley was at one time underwater.

During the Cretaceous, new groups of mammals, birds as well as flowering plants appeared. The end of the Cretaceous is also defined by the abrupt mass extinction in which many dinosaurs and large marine reptiles died out. (Interestingly, another feature of the Azilal province is the preponderance of dinosaur fossils from this period).

Over time however, the layer upon layer of decomposed organic matter has contributed massively to the rich content of phenols in the local soil. This in turn contributes to the very high levels polyphenols found in olives now grown in the region, including in Morocco Gold Extra Virgin olive oil.

This raised valley is between two 1400m Atlas ranges with altitude varying between 700m and 900m along its 40kms. This creates its own micro-climate with temperatures generally 2c below the coastal plain in the daytime and 5c at night-time. These differences, combined with the naturally occurring nutrients in the soil create uniquely high-quality olive growing conditions for the Picholine Marocaine, the only type of olive used in Morocco Gold.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds, Morocco Gold is a natural, unfiltered, ultra-premium, polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil, whose exquisite taste and health enhancing qualities are guaranteed by our rigorous testing, provenance and authenticity, and strict adherence to single estate sourcing, with no blending or mixing.

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Incredibly versatile, Morocco Gold is one of the best extra virgin olive oils for cooking and salad dressing. High in polyphenols, Morocco Gold shows why extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest fat on earth. It can also be used as an extra virgin olive oil for hair and as an extra virgin olive oil for skin.

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