Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Wins Gold!

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Updated April 257th 2023

Morocco Gold FoodTalk Winner 2018


  • Extra virgin olive oil is growing in importance as more and more people become aware of its many health benefits
  • Whilst extra virgin olive oil from traditional EU countries have suffered due to drought and viruses, Moroccan olive oil has become more popular
  • Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil has led the way in promoting Moroccan olive oil to health conscious consumers – worldwide
  • In 2018 Morocco Gold won Gold at the prestigious Food Talk awards


Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is So Important

In today’s world, people are more health-conscious than ever before. We are starting to understand the relationship between our diets and our health, and as a result, people are starting to become more selective about the foods they eat. Extra virgin olive oil has become a popular choice among health-conscious foodies. It is packed with polyphenols and healthy fats, making it a healthier alternative to other oils like vegetable or canola oil.

Studies have shown that incorporating extra virgin olive oil in your diet can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. As people become more aware of the benefits of a healthy diet, they are turning to foods like extra virgin olive oil to help them stay healthy and enjoy delicious food at the same time.

About Moroccan Olive Oil

Moroccan olive oil has been gaining popularity over the years, and for good reasons. This oil is known for its exquisite taste and numerous health benefits. Its unique flavor and distinct aroma make it a favorite for many culinary experts and food lovers alike. Moreover, Moroccan olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, and vitamins, which are essential for maintaining good health. It is also produced through traditional and sustainable methods, ensuring that the oil retains all its natural goodness. As more people become aware of the benefits of using Moroccan olive oil in their diets, its popularity is expected to continue to grow in the years to come.

About Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morocco Gold is a superior quality, single estate Extra Virgin olive oil from an entirely new source. The oil is made from olives grown in the foothills of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, where the unique micro-climate and geology provides ideal conditions for olive growing.

Morocco Gold combines centuries of local cultivation and harvesting knowledge, with our rigorous traceability and quality assurance procedures to bring what is locally considered a ‘noble food’ to the UK market.

The oil is produced from the Picholine Marocaine cultivar. This gives Morocco Gold it’s distinctive green fruitiness, hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and a hint of herbs. It has the distinctive ‘pepperiness’ of a fine extra virgin olive oil giving Morocco Gold a clean, well balanced finish.

Extra virgin olive oil from the Picholine Marocaine is also characterized by it’s high concentration of polyphenols. This gives Morocco Gold it’s oxidative stability that not only extends shelf-life but also provides the health enhancing properties associated with high quality extra virgin olive oils.  The European Food Safety Agency has now approved health claims for extra virgin olive oils with a polyphenol content of more than 250mg / kg. Our latest test results show polyphenol levels well above this level.

Morocco Gold sets a new standard for authenticity, provenance, and the guarantee of extra virgin quality through our rigorous testing and traceability regimes. We work with certified growers, Morocco Gold is tested locally by ONSSA, (the National Office for the Sanitary Protection of Food Products in Morocco), then re-tested by our EU certified laboratory to guarantee extra virgin quality.

Our rear label information also sets a new standard for information about the oil itself, lot / batch / bottle numbering to give absolute re-assurance regarding authenticity, traceability, provenance and the guarantee of Extra Virgin Quality. Uniquely, we include the results of our testing on each and every bottle.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Gold Award Winner

In the 2018 Food Awards we are absolutely delighted to be selected as a Gold Award Winner in the Food Talk Awards.

We see this as a key milestone in the development of Morocco Gold and our mission to establish this new and exciting, high quality, extra virgin olive oil from this wonderful new source in the UK market.

The category we were nominated for was “a food product that uses unusual ingredients and combinations to achieve a wonderful taste profile.” (2018 Food Awards judging criteria).

The Food Talk Show

I am so pleased to announce that you’ve been selected as a gold winner in the FoodTalk Awards 2018. Congratulations to you and your team. This is no mean feat as we had over 200 companies entering into multiple categories, so it really is an achievement”.

Sue Nelson CEO and Founder