Morocco Gold Wins Major Listings

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Fortnums Partridges Use Morocco Gold
Fortnums & Partridges Use Morocco Gold

We are delighted to announce that Morocco Gold is now to be stocked in two of the most prestigious fine food retailers, Partridges of London and Fortnum & Mason.

Morocco Gold is an exciting new premium Extra Virgin olive oil sensorial experience, from an entirely new source. It also sets a new standard for provenance, authenticity, and the guarantee of extra virgin quality.

Morocco Gold is made from olives grown in the foothills of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, where the unique micro-climate and geology provides ideal conditions for olive growing.

Morocco has a rich heritage of olive growing and olive oil production, however it’s olive oils are little known in the UK and other European markets.

Morocco has not been affected by blight or fraud and being outside the EU it is also less impacted by the uncertainties of Brexit.