Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Becomes Ambassador Of Global Wellness Institute

Healthy Living Using Olive Oil

Celebrate National Wellness Month With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Updated 23rd August 2023

Morocco Gold & National Global Wellness Week

August is National Wellness Month: a time of year to focus on taking care of your own health and wellbeing. One way of achieving a wellness lifestyle without having to overhaul existing habits is adding extra virgin olive oil to your diet.


There is no short supply of research that shows self-care can help you manage stress and promote greater happiness. Even making small changes to your lifestyle can impact your health in positive ways.

Not only does Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefit the body with its monounsaturated fatty acids, helping reduce cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health – but it has amazing flavor that will make meals come alive for your taste buds – all while boosting your level of wellness.

Let’s take a closer look at the culinary effects that extra virgin olive oil can have on how you celebrate National Wellness Month in 2023!

Starting Your Day With Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Boost Wellness

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a key component in The Mediterranean Diet – one of the most consistently popular diet and lifestyle for those seeking to improve their overall wellness. If you want to incorporate a Mediterranean start to your day, one of the best ways to do so is by drinking extra virgin olive oil, first thing in the morning. 

This is a quick and easy way to boost your daily intake of antioxidants and healthy fats. Drinking a shot of olive oil in the morning can be good for your skin, throat and help as part of a wellness plan.

How Much Extra Virgin Olive Oil Should I Take To Improve Wellness?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Wellness
Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Wellness

What Is In 1 Tablespoon Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

One serving or 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil contains the following:

  • 120 calories
  • 10 grams of monounsaturated fat
  • 2 grams of saturated fat
  • 2 grams of polyunsaturated fat
  • 1.9 milligrams of vitamin E (10 percent of Daily Value)
  • 8.1 micrograms of vitamin K (10 percent of DV)

European Food Safety Agency Recommendation

The European Food Safety Agency regulation states that extra virgin olive oil with a polyphenol level of 250mg / kg and above can make health claims. However, it is also very specific about which polyphenols this applies to. It specifically states that this must include hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives, (oleuropein and tyrosol). So long as these polyphenols are present, the beneficial effects can be obtained with a daily intake of around 20ml of olive oil.

At this level of polyphenol, 1 tablespoon will have around 7.1 mg/kg (250 / 35) So to get the health benefits you would need to take around 3 tablespoons per day.

Because the concentration of polyphenols in Morocco Gold is much higher than the standard, you will get the associated health benefits with around 2 tablespoons per day.

Morocco Gold Commits To Global Wellness By Becoming Ambassador Of Global Wellness Institute

Morocco Gold have been confirmed as an Ambassador for The Global Wellness Institute this month, recognising our commitment to improving wellness due to the health benefits of the best extra virgin olive oil.

Our support of The Global Wellness Institute demonstrates our shared vision to transform the health and wellness of people, communities and the planet, also to eradicate preventable diseases worldwide.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And The Pursuit Of Wellness

Global Wellness Institute Ambassador

It has been known for centuries that high quality extra virgin olive oil is good for your health and wellbeing. It has also been lauded across many cultures.

In ancient Rome, olive oil was used for nearly everything in relation to their health. Roman medicine takes heavily from Greek doctors, who influenced European medicine for centuries.

The difference now is – following extensive scientific research we now know exactly what is in high quality olive oils that is so good for you – its antioxidant polyphenols.

Echoing the ambition of The Global Wellness Institute and its Ambassadors across the globe, Morocco Gold is on a mission to:

  1. Re-establish extra virgin olive oil as a healthy diet / wellness lifestyle choice
  2. Show wellness conscious people on how this incredibly simple diet / lifestyle choice – inclusion of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil – can have a profound impact on their health and wellbeing
  3. Show how extra virgin olive fits into a wider wellness lifestyle.

Morocco Gold is an exceptionally high-quality extra virgin olive oil from a unique new source. What makes it so special is it is teeming with health enhancing polyphenols. The following illustrates the range of chronic conditions where research into these polyphenols, all of which are present in Morocco Gold, has demonstrated positive effects.

Health Benefits And Polyphenols
Health Benefits And Polyphenols

In fact the European Food Safety Authority has now approved health claims for extra virgin olive oils with polyphenol content of more than 250mg / kg. Morocco Gold contains polyphenols well above this level.

Research has shown that polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil have a massive and positive impact on health and doctors recommend high consumption of polyphenol sources.  It is important that this is genuine, unprocessed extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold that will still have its polyphenols intact. Processed or refined olive oils usually have their polyphenols extracted from the oil during filtration and refining.

What Is The Global Wellness Institute?

The Global Wellness Institute™ is a non-profit organization and the leading research and educational resource for the global wellness industry. The GWI was founded in 2015 and has since developed the most frequently cited, in-depth research on the $4.5 trillion wellness economy. The GWI’s 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor found that the global wellness industry grew 13.5% from 2015-2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market. According to the Institute, there are ten sectors that make up the multi-trillion wellness economy. There are currently 28 GWI Initiatives led by thought-leaders and experts in their fields working to increase knowledge about wellness in its many and varied forms.

The GWI’s Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease is the first global commitment to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases. In 2019, the GWI introduced the Wellness Moonshot Calendar as a tool to create a culture of wellness within organizations and workplaces worldwide. GWI launched Wellness Evidence in 2011, the world’s first aggregation of medical evidence for the most common wellness modalities and therapies.

For more information of The Global Wellness Institute or the Health Benefits of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil please see here.