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Morocco Gold Africa Jan 2020
Morocco Gold Africa Jan 2020

This week sees a major summit for African Investment to be hosted in London. Morocco will be one of the key countries attending, looking to build further business relationships with the UK in this post-Brexit world. Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is delighted to be leading the way in demonstrating what can be achieved with British Moroccan partnerships.

From the time of the Romans, Morocco has a rich heritage in producing extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. It is only recently that this undiscovered source has been appreciated, creating a large demand for this rare and highly sought-after extra virgin olive oil from this unique source from food lovers and culinary connoisseurs alike.

Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil exemplifies natural, sustainable agricultural methods. It combines centuries of local cultivation and harvesting knowledge, with our rigorous traceability and quality assurance procedures to bring what is locally considered a ‘noble food’ to international markets.

We are pleased to include a recently published article by the UK’s Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilley in advance of the coming summit.

Africa: Building Partnerships for Clean, Sustainable Growth

Next week the UK will host the African investment Summit in London. The Summit is both a recognition of the growth potential of African markets and an acknowledgement that the UK has been less present that we might have been on the Continent in recent years. To a certain extent, it is Brexit that has spurred the UK to look again at our trade and political partnerships.

However, I believe that even without Brexit, the UK would be looking to make a big return to the African Continent. Africa has a young and rapidly growing population and is home to some of the world‘s fastest growing economies – by 2050, over 2 billion people will live in Africa and one in four global consumers will be African. The UK is now the second largest G-7 investor on the Continent (after France) and has historical as well as cultural links with the Continent that go back many centuries. As we leave the European Union, creating trade links with new partners and revitalising existing links with more established partners in Africa will be an essential part of a newly dynamic Global Britain.

I am delighted that Morocco will be one of the key countries attending the African Investment Summit and that Morocco will hosting a UK-Morocco Business Dialogue on the 21st of January at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Such strong Moroccan engagement with the African Investment Summit is an important indication of our mutual determination to deepen and strengthen the relationship in all areas, including especially trade across Africa.

I have been very impressed by the African growth strategies of companies such as OCP, BMCE Bank of Africa, Royal Air Maroc (despite our differences), MASEN and, of course, the CFC. The focus of the UK-Morocco commercial relationship (and the African Investment Summit) is, therefore, not just on increasing bilateral trade and investment, but, importantly, working with Moroccan companies, using Morocco as the Gateway to Africa, to build new partnerships across Africa.

The basis for this refreshed British dynamic on the African Continent is partnership. We are looking for win-win outcomes and relationships which create jobs, accelerate the path to a low (or ideally no-carbon) future and ensure lasting and long-term increases in mutual prosperity. Working closely with Morocco and other partners, we can together help build clean and sustainable economic growth across the Continent. The African Investment Summit is a first and important step on that road together: I look forward to taking it with my Moroccan friends and colleagues next week.

Thomas Reilly, British Ambassador to Morocco