Simple Swaps To Add More Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Your Diet

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How To Substitute The Best – Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Unhealthy Fats Every Day

Updated January 25th 2024

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy substitute for other saturated fats such as butter.
  • Choosing a high quality olive oil can help protect your heart, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.
  • There are many simple ways to use extra virgin olive oil as a substitute for other fats every day.
  • Morocco Gold is one of the healthiest extra virgin olive oils around.


Including Extra Virgin Olive Oil In your Diet Will Improve Your Health

Unhealthy habits and poor nutrition have become major issues worldwide. However, incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your daily diet can help promote healthier living and reduce the risk of many diseases. According to studies, extra virgin olive oil is the best type of olive oil for its high polyphenol content, which plays an important role in reducing inflammation and protecting against chronic diseases.

These benefits have made extra virgin olive oil a popular ingredient in Mediterranean diet, where it is often used as the primary source of fat. By including quality extra virgin olive oil in your diet, you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of this superfood and make significant strides towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Here is an incredibly simple ways in which you can include extra virgin olive oil in your daily diet.

Substitute Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Vegetable Oil Or Butter

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy substitute for vegetable oil or butter. It is high in monounsaturated fats, which are good for your heart, and help you to maintain a healthy weight. A quality extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold also contains antioxidants that can help protect your cells from damage. And, unlike vegetable oil or butter, extra virgin olive oil actually has health benefits. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve blood sugar levels. So, if you are looking for a healthier alternative to vegetable oil or butter, extra virgin olive oil is a great choice.

Replacing unhealthy fats with Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Simple Way

There’s a lot of evidence to support the health benefits that extra virgin olive oil can bring, but rather than simply adding it to your existing diet you should be looking for ways to make substitutions to use it more frequently.

That’s according to a recent article from Click2Houston, which pointed out how little butter, margarine or mayonnaise you need to swap out to make a meaningful difference to your health.

It cited research conducted in the USA, which found that replacing just five grams of margarine, butter or mayonnaise with the same amount of olive oil reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by up to seven per cent.

The news provider revealed that those who used more than seven grams of olive oil in their diets each day – the equivalent of half a teaspoon – lowered their risk of any cardiovascular disease by 15 per cent, and their risk of coronary artery disease by 21 per cent.

Replace, don’t add, was the message from the report’s author Dr Frank Hu, chair of the department of nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“The main thing is to replace unhealthy fats with olive oil that can improve cholesterol, reduce inflammatory biomarkers and improve cardiovascular health,” Dr Hu stated.

If you’re looking to change your regular cooking oil, opt for extra virgin olive oil, the news provider revealed, as this produces the lowest level of trans fats and other potentially harmful byproducts when heated to high temperatures.

Making a Frittata Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil As a Butter Substitute

You can easily swap olive oil for butter in many recipes – just use one of the many conversion charts available online.

This fun article from About Olive Oil, takes you through how to create a frittata using olive oil instead of butter. It explains the ease of making a healthy fat choice in this popular recipe too:

The article also tackles some of the myths about cooking with extra virgin olive oil, reassuring us that:

Although some of the flavor will diminish with extended heat, the smoke point range for olive oils is easily above the 350 degree average temperature of most home stovetop cooking.And, since olive oils are mostly made of monounsaturated fats, they are actually MORE stable when heated than many other common cooking oils.

Olive oils are great for roasting too, they help lock in the natural moisture of foods, and they enhance the flavor of vegetables, like the asparagus and tomatoes we’re using in the frittata today.

When used in baking, olive oil produces light, fluffy baked goods that stay fresh and moist longer. I used extra virgin olive oil for a savory effect in this spice cake.

About Olive Oil

Four Easy Ways To Use More Olive Oil In Your Diet

Here are some easy ways to use more olive oil in your diet.

  1. Make your own salad dressings
  2. Use olive oil as a finishing oil
  3. Try baking with olive oil
  4. Use olive oil for frying, roasting and sauteing.

To read more about each of these options and how to make them work for you in the kitchen check out the full article on here.

You can buy our premium olive oil online, so there’s no need to go without high-quality extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen.