Four Amazing Ways Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Improve Hair Health

Healthy Living Using Olive Oil

How The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help Your Hair And Skin

Updated 10th November 2023

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Healthy Hair
Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Healthy Hair


  • New research says extra virgin olive oil can help you get fuller, healthier hair.
  • Extra virgin olive oil can condition and hydrate your hair due to presence of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Antioxidants in the best extra virgin olive oil can reduce harm to hair from environmental stressors.
  • Oleic acid in extra virgin olive oil can also keep skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E in extra virgin olive oil can reduce skin ageing.


Not only is extra virgin olive oil an excellent conditioner for hair, but it can also provide unbeatable hydration to keep your locks looking their best. So why not give your hair the love it deserves? Try incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your haircare routine and experience the benefits for yourself!

According to a recent article in, there are four key ways that extra virgin olive oil can contribute to healthier looking and feeling hair.These are;

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Masks May Hydrate Dry Hair

Olive oil, with its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, has the potential to lock in moisture and prevent your hair from drying out. While further scientific research is needed, insiders reveal that the emollients oleic acid and squalene found in olive oil have shown promising hydrating effects for both hair and skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Be Most Beneficial For Conditioning Thick Or Curly Hair

Olive oil can actually penetrate your hair shaft rather than just sitting on top. This makes it a fantastic moisturizer, especially for those with thick or curly hair. For an added dose of hydration, simply combine ¼ cup of olive oil with ½ of your daily conditioner. Apply the mixture to dry hair, taking care to avoid the roots. Work it into sections of your hair and let it soak for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Your hair will thank you!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Protect Your Hair From Environmental Stressors

Did you know olive oil contains vitamins E and K, which function as antioxidants that protect your hair from oxidative stress? This stress can lead to the breakdown of cells and tissues, similar to oleic acid. By using olive oil on your hair, you can reduce free radicals that cause stress and hair fallout. Additionally, a study from 2009 found that oxidative stress can result in hair loss or premature aging of your hair. If you have thinning hair, applying olive oil can help prevent breakage caused by brushing or blow-drying.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Be Used As A Leave-In Conditioner

Give your thirsty hair the hydration it needs with a natural, no-fuss solution – olive oil. With its minimal odour and all-natural composition, olive oil is the perfect leave-in conditioner. Simply apply extra-virgin olive oil to damp hair to lock in moisture and keep your locks hydrated throughout the day. This is especially important during dry months when hair tends to become brittle.

Not only does olive oil nourish and moisturize, but it also prevents those pesky flyaways and static electricity that often come with winter. For those with dry hair, focusing the application of olive oil on the ends will work wonders.

Keep in mind, though, that you should avoid applying olive oil too close to your scalp to prevent a greasy appearance and potential dandruff. Those prone to acne should also steer clear of using EVOO as a leave-in conditioner, as it may cause breakouts along the hairline, chest, back, or neck area.

Lastly, remember not to heat-style your hair after applying extra virgin olive oil, as it has a smoke point of 350 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. We all want our hair to look fabulous, but let’s avoid setting it on fire with curling or flat irons.

Olive Oil For Wellness And Beauty
Olive Oil For Skin, Hair And Beauty

Olive Oil For Skin, Hair And Beauty

Did you know that including a high-quality olive oil in your diet could be just as good for the appearance of your skin and hair as it is for your physical health? 

Olive Oil For Skin: The Science

Extra Virgin olive oil has been used a natural skin moisturizer and protector for centuries. The olive oil skin benefits are due to its high content of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps to keep skin smooth and hydrated. Virgin olive oil is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. In addition, olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe irritated skin. When applied to the skin, olive oil can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be used to help treat dry scalp and dandruff. To reap the benefits of olive oil for skin, be sure to do the following:

  1. Choose an extra virgin olive oil that has been cold-pressed and has not been exposed to heat or light.
  2. Store the olive oil in a dark glass bottle in a cool, dark place.
  3. Apply the olive oil to your skin as needed. You can also add a few drops of olive oil to your bath water for a relaxing, soothing experience.

As well as being packed with health boosting antioxidants – called polyphenols – the best olive oils have been linked with a reduction in inflammation and reduced risk of many diseases from heart disease to cancer. Morocco Gold is one of the highest quality, cold pressed, single sourced extra virgin olive oils you can buy.  And, you can use it in your beauty routine too!

Olive Oil : The Natural Choice For Skin And Hair

Olive Oil Natural Choice For Skin And Hair
Olive Oil Natural Choice For Skin And Hair

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural choice for both skin and hair care. Extra virgin olive oil is non- comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. This makes it an ideal choice for those with acne-prone skin. Extra virgin olive oil can be used as a natural moisturizer for both skin and hair. The oil helps to lock in moisture, keeping hair hydrated and preventing split ends. It can also be used as a natural makeup remover, gently removing impurities without stripping away natural oils. For best results, look for extra virgin olive oil that is cold-pressed and has a dark green color. This indicates that the oil is of high quality and has been minimally processed.

The best extra virgin olive oils are packed with vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It can even be used on sensitive skin. Olive oil is a potent natural ingredient in anti-aging skin care beauty products. Due to the high levels of polyphenols (or antioxidants) it contains, it prevents skin aging and occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. In nutshell it can guard, nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Olive oil contains vitamins E and A that helps in elongating your youth, hydrating skin and sustaining skin’s elasticity and softness. Moreover, it helps to regenerate skin cells. The list of beauty benefits of olive oil on skin, hair, face, nails and body is very long that makes it a superb natural beauty product for hair, face, skin, nails and body is so long that it makes a superb natural beauty product.

More About Chemicals In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefit Skin

Olive Oil For The Skin
Olive Oil For Skin & Hair Health

Is Olive Oil Good For Skin? The answer is a big yes! Olive oil’s chemical structure is most close to the skin’s natural oil as compared to that of any other natural oil, making olive oil good for skin.

Olive oil acts as an antioxidant, which is a substance that, as the name suggests, prevents oxidization. What this means is that it inhibits the production of free radicals which are chemicals that damage skin and can lead to some forms of cancers, especially skin cancer. 

One study showed that when olive oil was applied to the skin after exposure to harmful UV rays, the growth of tumors was significantly lower. While these trials are preliminary, they are definitely promising, and they are just one of many benefits of olive oil on the skin.

And, of course, if you’re going to be using olive oil to protect your skin, you want to use the best olive oil for skin which has to be Morocco Gold. Moroccan olive oil has been praised for its beauty and wellness properties since the time of Cleopatra and the Romans.

Can I Use Olive Oil In My Bath?

Do you know the beauty secret of the Italian actress Sophia Loren? – she loved taking olive oil baths. The simplest way to prepare an olive oil bath is just to add 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into your bathtub. If you like, you may add more. This is a simple beauty trick to make your skin soft and smooth.

Another simple way to have olive oil on skin is that you just massage your body with extra virgin oil before taking bath. After you are through with your bath, pat dry your skin and wipe away the excess oil. You will feel your skin as incredibly soft and smooth, just like a baby-skin.

Olive Oil As A Body Lotion

Try olive oil as a body lotion. It’s all natural and wonderfully very effective. Apply it all over your body, while in the shower, right after you use the shower gel. You will feel your skin amazingly soft and smooth. This is another simple way to make your skin look perfect, healthy and tender to touch.

Olive oil is an excellent exfoliant, which may sound strange as it’s a product that is soft and gentle, not a harsh scrub that removes dead skin. But to use it as an exfoliant, combine extra virgin olive oil with a little natural sea salt to create a bit of grit. Small, finer amounts should be used on sensitive areas, while more and coarser grains may be used to exfoliate the rest of the body.

Olive Oil – A Natural Makeup Remover

It serves dual purpose. While gently removing makeup, it nourishes your skin as well. Just put a dab of olive oil on a cotton ball or pad, and gently wipe out all the makeup from your face. The best olive oil for your face is extra virgin, such as Morocco Gold. If you want to remove heavy makeup, first massage gently olive oil all over your face, and then wipe away all the makeup with a soft washcloth soaked with warm water. If needed, repeat it a couple of times and make it sure to do it gently – never rub your skin harshly. Rinse your face with warm water followed by a splash with cold water. Cold water will not only close your skin pores but stimulate the blood circulation as well.

This technique can also be applied to eye makeup, and it is surprisingly comfortable and easy, as olive oil is not an irritant and will not hurt your eyes or ducts. Simply apply it to a cotton ball and gently wipe down the eye area.

This works because olive oil is, naturally, oil soluble, rather than water soluble, and therefore can remove oily make ups, pigments, and colors from the face and neck.

Olive Oil For Sensitive Skin

It is a very good option for those having sensitive skin. If you are concerned about the oiliness it leaves behind–something that some people love and that other people dislike– that hitch can simply be resolved by washing your face with a face wash of your choice after you have removed makeup with olive oil. This will also make sure that there are no traces of makeup left behind on your face.

You can use olive oil as a gentle eye makeup remover too. It is so effective that even you can remove waterproof makeup with its help.

Olive Oil as a Face Mask

If you have dry skin or have otherwise benefited from a face mask, you may find that an olive oil face mask may be just the thing that opens up those pores and hydrates the face. To create an olive oil face mask, simply combine extra virgin olive oil with ingredients like honey, oats or egg whites to form a thick paste. Apply this to your skin and allow it to do its work. Keep it on as long as you would traditional mask, and enjoy the feeling that it gives to your skin both as it rests on your face, working its magic, as well as when you dry it off and feel that fresh and clean feeling.

Olive Oil Rejuvenates Skin

The prime reason behind beauty benefits of olive oil is that it is packed with healthy fats and phenolic antioxidant vitamin E accompanied by squalene and oleic acids. . The best olive oil for skin will work to get rid of free radicals and repair the damage done because of any skin’s exposure to the sun.

Olive Oil As Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Olive oil helps in regeneration of skin and increasing elasticity of the skin as well. Massage olive oil over the affected areas at least three times a week to improve the elasticity of the skin and its regenerative abilities, which will help heal the affected skin. This will not only prevent formation of new stretch marks, but will also work to reduce and lighten the existing ones slightly.

This not only works for stretch marks, but is also an effective treatment for the reduction of other scars as well. The vitamins and antioxidants may help scars fade and help the skin cells to regenerate.

Olive Oil To Prevent Premature Ageing:

Olive oil contains hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E that act on the skin to prevent skin cells degeneration, thus olive oil helps in preventing premature ageing. Further, the best olive oil for aging also has squalene acid that works to increase the elasticity of the skin, thus preventing sagging of the skin and making it firm, young and healthy.

Olive Oil As Sunscreen:

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and tea decoction (tea boiled in water and strained). Apply this mixture all over your body and face. Let it sit there for about an hour, and then rinse it off (don’t wash), so as to leave a residue on your skin. This will work as a natural sunscreen.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair

Just as olive oil acts as an effective moisturizing agent on your skin, it has similar benefits on the hair too. Olive oil works wonders for dry damaged hair that can otherwise cause other hair problems, such as split ends and frizzy hair. To nurture those dry manes give your hair a hot olive oil hair massage. Make it sure that olive oil is not heated too much and too long, as it will lose its benefits.

If you’ve never used the best olive oil for your hair before, try just a tablespoon or two. If you have a long, full head of hair you may eventually want to work up to a quarter cup. 

Massage the oil deeply into your hair and scalp (it also works great to moisturize a dry scalp). For the most effective moisturizing, put your hair in a hair cap and let the oil sit in your hair for fifteen minutes before you begin to rinse it out.

Depending on how much oil you’ve used, you may need to shampoo, lather, and rinse your hair more than once.  

If you’re using olive oil on processed hair–that’s hair that’s been permed, bleached, or relaxed–wait 72 hours before using the oil. And if you’re using olive oil on bleached hair, test it in a small spot first to make sure that it doesn’t give a pristine bleached look a slightly yellow-green tinge.

How To Strengthen Nails With Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil massage is ideal for dry nails and cuticles. Forego the expensive hand and cuticle creams, instead massage a couple of olive oil drops onto the cuticles and around the nails. Its regular use will make your cuticles stay moist and nails shiny.

Alternatively, give a warm olive oil bath to your nails. It’s a great way to strengthen them. It will take just 5-10 minutes. Simply soak your nails in a slightly warm olive oil. Remember not to heat it too much, as it loses its properties at high temperature. Apply this olive oil nails treatment once or twice a week to strengthen your nails. With this treatment they will also look healthy and shiny.

Because olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, olive oil helps in the absorption of calcium, improves bone mineralization, and calcification, all of which help nails grow faster.