Clever Ways To Use The Best Olive Oil

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There’s More To Extra Virgin Olive Oil Than A Tasty Salad Dressing

Updated 2nd November 2021

Olive Oil And Monounsaturated Fats
Best Use Of Olive Oil

By investing in the best olive oil you can afford you are treating your kitchen store cupboard to one of the finest and most versatile products around.  But remember, as well as being the perfect base for a healthy dressing or appetite whetting dip, extra virgin olive oil can be used in ways that you may not even have thought before. 

That’s why the team at Morocco Gold are here to talk you through some of the less expected ways to use your polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil through the week.  There’s something in here for everyone!

Start Your Day The Best Olive Oil Way!

Wake up the Mediterranean way by frying your eggs in extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.  The best olive oils, such as Morocco Gold, have a higher smoke point than butter so it’s a great choice for higher heat.  It will also give your eggs an extra crunchy outer edge.  Alternatively,  if hard-boiled or poached eggs are more your thing,  just drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on them before you tuck in.

Pair The Best Soft Cheese With The Best Olive Oil

Soft Cheese With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Soft Cheese With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are planning a light lunch with mozzarella, ricotta or another soft cheese, the addition of the best olive oil will perfectly compliment the creamy texture with its light peppery touch.  Morocco Gold has the distinctive ‘pepperiness’ of a fine extra virgin olive oil with a clean, well-balanced finish that would work perfectly with cheese.

An Olive Oil Marinade

One of the best ways to flex the muscles of your chosen extra virgin olive oil is to use it in your marinade.  As the best olive oils can pull the fat-soluble flavours out of a range of ingredients including garlic and shallots,  it’s a great way to transfer them to your meat or vegetables on a grill.  There’s the added bonus of the flavour of your extra virgin olive oil in the mix too.

Forget the Croutons, Drizzle EVOO On Your Soup

Whether you use it to prepare the vegetables for your soup or drizzle it on top of the finished product,  extra virgin olive oil is the perfect partner for your winter warming soups.  Not only does it provide some extra texture and flavour to your soup but it is a healthier alternative to croutons fried in saturated fat as the best olive oils are high in healthy monounsaturated fats.

An Ice Cream Topping For All The Family

Ok,  so we may have mentioned this one before at Morocco Gold but it’s just so much fun we couldn’t miss it out!  We all love a scoop or two of ice cream for a treat but why not ensure it’s got some added health benefits with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to cut through the creamy texture and transport you to the Mediterranean.

Fancy A Break From The Kitchen? Leave The Olive Oil In Your Beauty Cabinet!

Hair Mask: If you are guilty of overusing heated hair products or have dry hair, by applying just a small amount of extra virgin olive oil leaves the scalp healthy, improves blood circulation in the head, reduces damage and also encourages hair follicles to grow.

Body scrub: By mixing evoo with coarse salt and orange flower water, it acts as a nurturing body scrub, leaving your skin soft and treated with healthy minerals and vitamins to give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Face: If you suffer from dry skin, extra virgin olive oil penetrates deep into the skin providing needed moisture as well as a shield to protect your skin, keeping it smooth. The oil contains vitamins A and E which is great for protecting your skin from daily tribulations.

Sunburn: With summer in full force and everyone putting on their shorts and flip flops, sunburn is on the cards for many of us Brits. By applying olive oil to sun burn, it in fact speeds up the healing process through its polyphenol compounds which help repair damage to the skin.