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How To Tackle Menopausal Weight Gain With The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss In Menopause
Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss In Menopause

Around the time of menopause, many women find that they start to gain weight but did you know that The Mediterranean Diet can help reduce weight gain? Storing a few extra pounds around the time of the menopause is often due to the hormonal changes happening in the body. However, there are things you can do to help manage this weight gain. One of those things is following a healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet. In this blog post, we’ll consider recent findings of Dr Michael Mosley and discuss how the Mediterranean diet can help with menopause weight gain.

Speaking on The Dr Louise Newson Podcast about how women can lose stubborn belly fat during perimenopause, Dr Michael Mosley explained that, while Type 2 diabetes is relatively rare for women before they hit menopause, it becomes “increasingly common” during this stage of life.

This is down to their greater risk of putting on more “high-risk fat”, which sits around the abdominal area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Weight Loss During Menopause

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits Ageing Brain

Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to be beneficial for weight loss, especially in women going through menopause. The oil helps to increase metabolism and burn fat, while also reducing inflammation. In one study, menopausal women who consumed extra virgin olive oil for sixteen weeks lost more weight and body fat than those who didn’t consume the oil. In addition, the women who consumed extra virgin olive oil also had lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher levels of good cholesterol. These results suggest that extra virgin olive oil can be an effective tool for weight loss, especially in menopausal women.

Dr Michael believes that a “rapid weight loss, lowish carb, Mediterranean style diet” is the way to go.

Rapid weight loss, lowish carb, Mediterranean style diet

Dr Michael

Dr Claire Bailey added that while some may be scared of olive oil because of some weight loss myths, this is a great source of healthy fat for those who want to lose weight.

She explained: “People find it terrifying that, you know, they buy some decent olive oil and they’re scared that they’re going to have a heart attack by the time they’ve finished the bottle.

“With olive oil, we know it has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces certain cancers, lots and lots of benefits.

A Mediterranean diet is one filled with healthy fats such as olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, seeds and pulses. Speaking about a Mediterranean diet index, Dr Michael provided some top tips for adhering to this type of diet.

Eating at least three portions of legumes – for example chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans and green beans is important. Slimmers should also try to consume oily fish three times a week as a “good number”, according to Dr Michael.

Eating at least two portions of fruit and vegetables a day is also key.

“Plain yoghurt again seems to be a necessary ingredient of Mediterranean diet,” Dr Michael added.

And the benefits of a Mediterranean diet are not limited to far loss, according to the expert.

Practical Ways To Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Weight Loss

Extra virgin olive oil is the perfect companion for all kinds of food and you can add it in any culinary preparation. But if you are interested in losing a few extra kilos, here’s a reminder of some ways to use extra virgin olive oil to lose weight.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Lemon
One way to use extra virgin olive oil to lose weight is to combine it with lemon. One of the most powerful remedies that exist to purify and eliminate toxins from your body. Lemon contains, in addition to vitamin C, hesperidin. A flavonoid that contributes to improve the function of lymphatic drainage and, with it, the retention of liquids. Take some extra virgin olive oil with half a lemon at breakfast and you will see how your figure is improving little by little.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Ginger
Ginger is a root that, when ingested, produces a thermogenic effect in the body. Ginger is able to activate your nervous system and, as a consequence, activate all processes that produce energy (which also supplies fat). That is, ginger is a natural fat burner. Another excellent way to use extra virgin olive oil for weight loss. Add some ginger and extra virgin olive oil to dress your salads.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Cucumber
Good weather is synonymous with lots of fruit and vegetables. And among them are the cucumbers. Delicious and very refreshing. A food that helps you lose those extra pounds. Its high-water content makes it have a low amount of calories. In addition, cucumber contains a lot of fibre that helps eliminate toxins from the body. Add extra virgin olive oil to a couple of cucumbers and you will get a great starter that will help you lose weight.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Cayenne Pepper
Although it may not seem like it, cayenne pepper is a digestive stimulant. This spice stimulates the production of juices and gastric enzymes that digest the food you eat, eliminating the toxins that are generated in your body. It also speeds up metabolism and fat burning. A trick to add some cayenne pepper to a daily ‘shot’ of extra virgin olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Smoothies
Detoxifying green shakes to reduce weight have become fashionable. And with good reason. They are a time bomb against the body’s fat and toxins. Full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients that help keep your weight at bay. But you can enhance its power much more, and especially the flavour of these shakes, adding a little extra virgin olive oil.