Why More People Are Using Olive Oil For Hair That Glows

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Celebrities Who Choose Olive Oil For Hair Health

Updated September 10th 2021

Olive Oil For Hair
Olive Oil For Hair

When we think of popular oils for hair or skin health, it may be argon or coconut oil – but it may be time to follow some high-profile celebrities who advocate using olive oil for hair that can steal the show! 

Sound a bit radical to you? In actual fact, people have been using olive oil for hair care for thousands of years, drawn in particular to the moisturising effect it can have on long, thick hair. 

Is Olive Oil Better Than Coconut Oil For All Hair Types?

According to guidance in Healthline, using olive oil for hair care routines can add softness and strength by penetrating the hair shaft and preserving moisture.  By smoothing the outer cuticle of the hair, olive oil can add shine to the appearance of the hair.  But how does it compare with coconut oil?  According to a report by idiva.com,  coconut oil has a rich, thick texture and is super-absorbent but this can have its disadvantages when it comes to hair.   For those of us with frizzy, damaged or particularly thick hair,  olive oil can be a great option for a pre-shampoo massage oil.  It can soften the texture of the hair and make it a lot silkier than coconut oil does, as well as being more moisturising.

According to Idiva,  the ideal approach could be a little bit of both.  So, if you have a special occasion coming up and a little bit of extra time to prepare, a combination of coconut oil and olive oil for your hair and skin could be a winning option.

Which Celebrities Use Olive Oil For Hair Health?

Cipriana Quann And Tk Wonder use extra virgin olive oil to enhance their hair
Cipriana Quann And Tk Wonder

So, who are these beauties of stage and screen that swear by olive oil for hair that turns heads?

Cipriana Quann And TK Wonder Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Haircare Overnight

Meet identical twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder – the girls that make heads turn when they walk the streets. A while ago, the now fashion models hated their luscious hair: “I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said. But as time passed, they decided to stop straightening it, and start embracing it. Which eventually led the photo models to be recognized as the queens of natural hair, bringing Instagram envy all around the world.

But the sisters aren’t just pretty faces. Along with their friend Nikisha Brunson, they are also the girls behind the natural hair blog “Urban Bush Babes.” “I think it came to a point where it was derogatory toward people who wore their natural hairstyles, and there was a certain stigma around people who wore their hair natural or in an Afro,” TK Wonder said. “It was about breaking down stereotypes and derogatory perceptions that people had about natural hair.” Now, whatever the twins do, they do it with ambition, confidence, passion, and, of course, great hair.

Cipriana said “I have been natural for almost eight years now. The journey was a long one, but to keep it short, I just became more comfortable in my natural identity. After years and years of modelling and struggling with my physical image regarding my hair of trying to mold it into someone else’s idea of their “ideal beauty,” I’d just had enough! I wanted to represent the kind of beauty I felt most comfortable with and idolized when I was younger, which was my mother’s image. 

I was done with masking my identity to represent a false beauty to please the standards of others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and at the end of the day, I realized the most important beholder was me”. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as part of Cipriana’s haircare regime

Ciprana says “My hair continually stays in loose twists no matter what the style, so I will take down my loose twists at night from whatever style I am wearing at the moment and braid it into six or seven large braids or Bantu knots, placing a little extra-virgin olive oil on the strands as I braid. Then I wrap it with a silk scarf. In the morning it just consists of undoing my night-time routine and placing back into my updo style. 

Perfect haircare.

Miranda Kerr Uses Olive Oil For Hair Mask

Continuing down the haircare path, Miranda Kerr revealed to Elle that she uses olive oil as a DIY hair mask. I sleep with olive oil in my hair once a week as a treatment—it nourishes the scalp and leaves my hair super shiny,” Kerr said.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Recommends Hot Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, celebrity hair stylist, Gabrielle Corney recommended using a hot olive oil treatment.

“You can also add olive oil to a deep conditioner to really soften the hair.  Or apply a small amount of it to the hair and scalp as a daily styling shot of moisture as well as for adding some luster and shine.  Used alongside a healthy hair care regime, olive oil for hair brings plenty of good to the table.  But remember, a little goes a long way.  Too much of it can weigh the hair down!”

Choose The Best Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Hair

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