Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Reduce Dementia

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Portrait Of Elderly Male Chef Pouring Oil Into Salad

According to new research, extra virgin olive oil could reduce the risks of dementia, and boost memory and cognitive skills. It has always been linked to healthy eating, but researchers at Temple University as well as Sapienza University of Rome now say it could boost our brain’s health too. Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil look a bit closer.

It has long been a staple of the Mediterranean diet, and has long been praised by nutritionists for it’s benefits to the cardiovascular system, but compared to coconut and avocado oils, extra virgin olive oil could help maintain our memory skill as we get older, and could significantly reduce the risk of dementia in our later years.

It is one of many foods recently linked to dementia risk reduction, according to a separate study by the Rush University in Chicago. The top foods for healthy brains also included pears, wine, kale, beans, tea, spinach, and broccoli.

The research involved laboratory tests on mice, and suggested that the purest form of olive oil breaks down the buildup of abnormal proteins in the brain. There has yet to be found a singular cause for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, but many experts have regarded the presence of tau, a kind of protein that can disrupt communication functions in the brain, as a marker for the disease.

The newly-published research found that diets high in extra virgin olive oil can effectively decrease the build-up of tau and possibly slow or stop advancing neurodegenerative diseases.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and has been known to decrease inflammation; its potential mental health properties are the latest addition to a laundry list of holistic benefits. Many home cooks choose to use it in place of other oils when sautéing and pan frying, but simply pairing it with vegetables in your daily diet could provide the same health benefits touted by medical professionals. If you’re wanting to eat healthier, and maintain a healthy mind too, then introduce Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil to your diet and cuisine.

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