Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting At Bakers & Larners of Holt

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Bringing This Best Olive Oil To Bakers & Larners Customers To Explore The Health Benefits

Updated May 15th 2023

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Fathers Day
Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Fathers Day

We were delighted to hold our first tasting event of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil at the fantastic Bakers & Larners of Holt last Saturday.

Bakers & Larners has been in Holt since the mid-18th century. lt is not just a store, it is an institution, the Fortnum & Mason of Norfolk.

They recently completed a major refit of it’s amazing foodhall which is nationally recognised for its wonderful range and excellent quality of its food and drink. We are privileged to have Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil included in its range.

For health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds, Morocco Gold is a natural, unfiltered, ultra-premium, polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil. The exquisite taste and health benefits of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil are guaranteed by our rigorous testing, provenance and authenticity, and strict adherence to single estate sourcing, with no blending or mixing.

We are always delighted to meet our customers and to tell them the story about Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil and how it arrived in the UK. We had a constant stream of customers from far and wide who tasted Morocco Gold and had some great conversations about our oil, the wonderful country of Morocco and its culture. Many had either visited the country or were planning to do so. We were delighted to give Bakers & Larners customers a flavour of Moroccco whilst sheltering from the Norfolk winds on the day.

Born from a love and passion for the outstanding beauty of Morocco’s countryside and rich cultural heritage, Morocco Gold was launched in 2018.

Bakers Larners Olive Oil Tasting
Bakers Larners Olive Oil Tasting

About Morocco Olive Oil

People are still often surprised to find that extra virgin olive oil comes from Morocco when in fact it is now the 4th largest producer of olive oil globally and has been producing excellent olive oils for centuries.

Our olive oil comes from olives grown in the unique micro-climate in the foothills of the magnificent Atlas Mountains, with mild winters and summers caressed by hot winds from the Sahara, This has provided the ideal growing conditions for Morocco Gold olives – for centuries. Pure and natural, Morocco Gold olives are the product of the soil, the sun and the rain only.

Morocco Gold olives are hand-harvested and cold-pressed within 24 hours, there is no mixing or blending with other oils to ensure genuine extra virgin quality.

Produced from Picholine Marocaine olives, this gives Morocco Gold its distinctive green fruitiness, with hints of almond, fresh turf and the peppery aftertaste of a high quality extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a vibrant, well balanced, clean light finish.

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is the original ‘superfood’. Rich in health enhancing polyphenols, (over 250gms / kg) Morocco Gold delivers the many health benefits associated with high quality extra virgin olive oil including:

Incredibly versatile, its luscious fresh fruity taste can be enjoyed on its own, dipped in bread and with its high smoke point, used to make your cooking extra delicious.  

Why Morocco gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is quickly gaining popularity amongst health-conscious consumers, and for good reason. This golden oil is packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, Moroccan olive oil has high levels of polyphenols, the antioxidants which can help protect against inflammation and oxidative stress.

Not only is it good for you, but it also has a delicious, fruity flavor that adds depth to any dish. Try drizzling it over roasted vegetables or dipping crusty bread into it for an exotic culinary experience. No wonder it’s becoming a favorite among those striving to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Extra virgin olive oil has been praised as one of the best oils for a healthy lifestyle, but is it just a foodstuff or can it also be considered a medicine? The truth is that extra virgin olive oil is both. This highest quality olive oil is full of polyphenols that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

The benefits that come with consuming extra virgin olive oil daily are endless, from improving heart health to promoting brain function. Incorporating this amazing oil into your diet can not only enhance your meal’s flavor but also provide countless health benefits, making it a wonderful foodstuff and medicine.

Morocco Gold sets a new standard for provenance, authenticity and the guarantee of extra virgin olive oil quality. Uniquely, we include the results of our annual harvest analysis on each and every bottle of Morocco Gold.

Ethically sourced, we are proud to support the empowerment of Moroccan women through employment in agriculture. 

With the increase in health consciousness as exploring new taste experiences, we are delighted to bring this wonderful ‘superfood’ to the people of Holt and wider Norfolk.