Polyphenol Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Benefit Those With Obesity And Prediabetes

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Oleocanthal And Oleacein Can Combat Conditions Associated With Obesity And Prediabetes

Updated November 15th 2023

Olive Oil And Obesity
Polyphenols And Obesity Related Conditions


  • Biophenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help Tackle Obesity And Prediabetes
  • New research found Oleocanthal and Oleacein found in quality extra virgin olive oil reduced oxidative stress.
  • Reducing Inflammation Caused By Obesity Can Benefit Overall Health
  • APRIL study researchers report decrease in body weight and BMI after one month of consuming extra virgin olive oil.
  • Specific Benefits Of Choosing Extra Virgin Olive Oil Instead Of Non-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contains Exceptionally High Levels of Antioxidants


New Study Shows Biophenols Present In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Benefit Those With Obesity And Prediabetes

Consuming plenty of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, packed with the polyphenols Oleocanthal and Oleacein can improve health outcomes for people with obesity and prediabetes, a new study has shown.

According to the new study, published in Clinical Nutrition, consuming extra virgin olive oil rich in these biophenols for one month increased blood antioxidant defenses and decreased parameters associated with oxidative stress and inflammation, underlying conditions of both prediabetes and obesity.

According to a summary of the study reported in Olive Oil Times, these benefits were not observed after the consumption of non-virgin olive oil – a mixture of refined olive oil and some virgin olive oil – over the same period.

The research – known as the APRIL (Aove in PRedIabetes) study – saw 91 participants from Málaga, Spain, aged 40 to 65, with obesity and prediabetes divided into two groups.

One group of participants consumed the biophenol-rich extra virgin olive oil, and the other group consumed the non-virgin olive oil for 30 days. After a washout period of 15 days, each group received the other type of oil and consumed it for another 30 days. Both oils were consumed cooked and raw, but the exact amount of consumption was not measured.

Francisco-Javier Bermúdez-Silva, the study’s corresponding author and senior researcher at the Regional Hospital of Málaga, told Olive Oil Times.

The main finding was the changes in oxidative stress. We found a better antioxidant profile and detected a decrease in some enzymes that are relevant for oxidative stress. Lipid peroxidation is a common feature of oxidative stress, and we found that these people had less oxidation of their lipids in the blood, this is in line with all the previous basic research that had been done with these polyphenols.”

Francisco-Javier Bermúdez-Silva, senior researcher at the Regional Hospital of Málaga

According to study researchers, three key compounds were identified as primarily responsible for reduced inflammation after consuming the extra virgin olive oil. As the study notes, extra virgin olive oil suggests “a higher capacity to modulate systemic inflammation when compared to olive oil.”

“Oleocanthal and oleacein could be mediating this latter effect because their anti-inflammatory actions are well-documented,” the researchers added.

Links Between Obesity And Inflammation And How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help.

Obesity is a major health issue in today’s society and has links with numerous health problems, including inflammation. Inflammation can cause a range of health issues, including heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. The excess fat tissue in obese individuals acts as a site of inflammation, releasing certain chemicals that disrupt the body’s natural processes.

While maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy weight is essential for good health, incorporating biophenol-rich foods into your diet is a good way to promote overall wellbeing and reduce the risks of inflammation.

Bermúdez said there is a growing consensus that oxidative stress precedes the development of inflammation.

This low-grade inflammation is related to insulin resistance, Insulin resistance is related to failing the beta cells to produce enough insulin, and this leads to hyperglycemia and later to a state in which the body cannot control glucose levels in the blood. The oxidative stress and inflammation are boosting all of these diseases, If you consume these compounds in extra virgin olive oil, we hypothesized that you can improve your condition and prevent the development of diabetes. To some extent, this is what we found.”

Francisco-Javier Bermúdez-Silva, senior researcher at the Regional Hospital of Málaga

However, Bermúdez acknowledged several limitations to the study that should be improved with further research, including the smaller-than-expected sample size and relatively short time frame, which prevented researchers from following the clinical evolution of the patients.

“If we could follow these patients for longer, I guess that we would find less diabetes, less obesity and better general health,” he said.

Why Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil Instead Of Non-Virgin Olive Oil?

Weight Loss With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has been long recognized as a healthy alternative to traditional cooking oils. Its health benefits are numerous, and research supports the consumption of extra virgin olive oil as part of a healthy diet, especially for those at risk for obesity and prediabetes. But what sets it apart from non-virgin olive oil?

The answer lies in its higher content of polyphenols and antioxidants. These compounds have been shown to have protective effects on the body’s cells and help reduce inflammation, leading to a healthier immune system. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil’s distinct taste and aroma are attributed to its unique processing method, which preserves its nutritional value.

Olive Oil Times went on to report that APRIL study researchers also observed a significant decrease in body weight of about one kilogram and body mass index after one month of consuming extra virgin olive oil but not non-virgin olive oil. They also observed a parallel improvement in fasting glucose.

However, the researchers added that they did not observe changes in insulin resistance, lipid profile, blood pressure or renal function.

“Taken together, these findings suggest that extra virgin olive oil was able to induce some clinical improvement in glucose handling, probably related with body weight decrease and amelioration of the inflammatory and oxidative status.

This was really a surprise for us. In one month, we didn’t expect to see a change in body weight or a change in glycemia, but these are very good indicators of good clinical results for these types of patients.”

Francisco-Javier Bermúdez-Silva

Bermúdez added that he is working on a new study to determine how oleocanthal and oleacein consumption may affect people with diabetes.

We have a new project in mind in which we plan to perform a similar study, but on people with diabetes,” he concluded. 

Our study has shed some light on the prevention side of this compound. Now what we want to do is to perform a more therapeutic study by seeing what is happening in people who are already diabetic.”

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Polyphenols

The high polyphenol content of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is dependent on three factors. First is the variety of the olive, secondly the climate and terroir of the growing region and thirdly the actual time in the growing season that the crop is harvested.

Morocco Gold is pressed from the Picholine Marocaine, the only type of olive to go into Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil. Oil from this variety is renowned for its high polyphenol count, oxidative stability and longevity.

Thirdly, our olives are picked when the fruit is young and green. As the olives age on the tree, the colour of the olive changes to red and then black, the size of the olive increases thus producing more oil, but the polyphenol level decreases. There is a great deal of expertise within the farming community where we source our oil to ensure that the harvest is collected at the optimum time to maximise the polyphenol level in Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil.

We are delighted to say that this year’s harvest has produced a low acidity level of 0.2% together with the highest level of polyphenols yet seen in our extra virgin olive oil.

3,4 DHPEA-EDA 85 mg/kg
Hydroxytyrosol5 mg/kg
Lignanes26 mg/kg
Ligstroside aglycone (p, HPEA-EA)20 mg/kg
Oleuropein aglycone (3,4 DHPEA-EA)71 mg/kg
Oleocanthal p, HPEA-EDA65 mg/kg
Tyrosol372 mg/kg
Polyphenols Total644 mg/kg
Polyphenol content in Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil