Autumn Morocco Gold Olive Oil Tasting At Fortnum and Mason

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Christmas At Fortnum Mason
Christmas At Fortnum Mason

Fresh from our latest visit to Morocco, we were delighted to once again host an amazing tasting event at the wonderful Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly, London. It is always such a great pleasure to meet our customers and tell the story of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil, it’s unique source in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the passion that goes into nurturing the olive trees and the care and attention that goes into harvesting and pressing Morocco Gold olives.

We were particularly delighted by some of the comments from our Italian, Greek and Spanish friends in Fortnum & Mason who are quite expert in the field of extra virgin olive oil and naturally passionate about olive oils from their own country. To have them say of Morocco Gold ‘this is the best extra virgin olive oil I have tasted’ is praise indeed!

Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is produced from the Picholine Marocaine cultivar. This gives Morocco Gold it’s distinctive green fruitiness, hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and a hint of herbs. It has the distinctive ‘pepperiness’ of a fine extra virgin olive oil (but not too aggressive) giving Morocco Gold a clean, well balanced finish.

Many of our friends from the USA are also preparing for Thanksgiving. We are delighted that they have chosen to include Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil as part of their Thanksgiving celebrations, particularly when they hear that Morocco was the first nation to recognize the fledgling United States as an independent nation in 1777. The Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship stands as the U.S.’s oldest non-broken friendship treaty. Signed by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, it has been in continuous effect since 1786. Following the re-organization of the U.S federal government upon the 1787 Constitution, President George Washington wrote a now venerated letter to the Sultan Sidi Mohamed strengthening the ties between the two countries.


  • The olive is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world – being grown before the written language was invented. 
  • The olive was native to Asia Minor and spread from Iran, Syria and Palestine to the rest of the Mediterranean basin around 6,000 years ago.
  • The Greek god Zeus promised to give Attica to the god or goddess who made the most useful invention. The goddess Athena’s gift of the olive, useful for light, heat, food, medicine and perfume was chosen as the most peaceful invention.
  • The olive trees on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem are reputed to be over 2000 years old
  • Olive oil is like a fine wine – the taste depends on its source / location / the type of soil condition the olives are grown in, the type of olive (cultivar), and the weather conditions.
  • There are different classifications of olive oils. Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. It has no defects and a flavour of fresh olives. It is produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, at temperatures that will not degrade the oil.
  • What makes extra virgin olive oils so special – the earlier the olives are picked, the healthier the olive oil is. Farmers have been celebrating ‘first press’ olive oil for centuries.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is probably the most extensively researched foodstuff on the planet – to really understand why it is so good for us. This means that the health benefits are evidence based and not the result of marketing ‘hype’.
  • Thanks to the recent spotlight on the Mediterranean Diet, extensive research has been done on the phytonutrient composition of extra virgin olive oil. What has been discovered is an extensive list of phytonutrients; one of the most praised is its polyphenols. The amount of polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil is truly amazing!
  • Polyphenols are a potent antioxidant – one that can decommission a nasty molecule in your body called a free radical. Free radicals can ricochet around inside your body and harm good cells. Antioxidants, such as the polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil, work to neutralize free radicals; protecting the body from their harmful effects
  • It really is the gift of health – for your family and friends. “Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates on Olive Oil.
  • A premium quality extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold has a shelf life of up to 5 years
Morocco Gold Sales Stand
Morocco Gold Sales Stand


  • For health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds, Morocco Gold is a natural, unfiltered, ultra premium, polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil, whose exquisite taste and health enhancing qualities are guaranteed by our rigorous testing, provenance and authenticity, and strict adherence to single estate sourcing, with no blending or mixing.
  • Our bespoke bottle design concept echoes the ancient amphorae used to contain olive oils, but with a contemporary aesthetic. The dark glass helps to keep our olive oil fresh and extends its longevity.
  • Our integrated tamperproof cap and pourer insert prevents Morocco Gold bottles from being re-filled with inferior or adulterated olive oils so that consumers are guaranteed the extra virgin quality of the oil inside. The glass is of course fully re-cyclable.
  • Our label design echoes an ‘art-deco’ style combined with an immediately identifiable Moroccan gold embossed finish to create a visually arresting, luxury presentation ideal for gifting to family and friends
  • Our label design echoes an ‘art-deco’ style combined with an immediately identifiable Moroccan gold embossed finish to create a visually arresting, luxury presentation ideal for gifting to family and friends
  • And…when you open your bottle of Morocco Gold, the air is filled with the aroma of green fruitiness and herbs

Other tastings have taken place over the months in Partridges of London and Bakers Larners. Other Fortnum & Mason tasting events can be viewed from these links: