What Makes Morocco Gold The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brand Around?

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Exploring why Moroccan olive oil has become so popular and why Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil represents the best olive oil available.

Updated April 30th 2024


  • A combination of centuries of experience and optimal growing conditions contribute to making Moroccan Olive Oil the best olive oil you can buy.
  • Our customers regularly praise our extra virgin olive oil for its unique flavour, versatility and many health benefits


  1. Why Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Making Its Mark
  2. The Production Of Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  3. The Unique Taste Of Morocco In Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. What Our Customer Feedback Said About Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  5. More About What Makes Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special

Why Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Making Its Mark

Moroccan extra virgin olive oil, often referred to as the golden elixir, has been capturing the hearts and palates of culinary enthusiasts around the globe. It’s not just an oil; it’s a testament to a rich history, a unique climate, and an unparalleled production process that sets it apart. In this blog, we’ll explore the unique qualities that make Moroccan extra virgin olive oil a sought-after commodity in kitchens worldwide.

Moroccan extra virgin olive oil has been making waves in the culinary world lately, and for good reason. With its distinct flavor profile, high antioxidant content, and plethora of health benefits, it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing to cook with Moroccan olive oil.

In addition, the process of making this oil is steeped in tradition and a deep reverence for the land, making it not just a staple ingredient in the kitchen, but a cultural symbol as well.

From its origins in the rolling hills of Morocco to its rise in popularity in kitchens around the world, Moroccan olive oil is truly a noteworthy addition to any dish.

When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, our wonderful customers know that they can trust us to deliver the best quality and taste. Our olive oil is made from only the freshest olives, and it undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it meets our high standards. In addition to its great taste, our olive oil also offers numerous health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, and it has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Our customers love knowing that they are getting the best possible product when they choose our olive oil and we are delighted to share some of our most recent customer reviews with you.  Because we are very proud of them indeed!

The Production Of Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The story of Moroccan olive oil is woven into the country’s rich tapestry of history and culture. For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of Morocco have cultivated olive trees, passing down their knowledge and techniques from generation to generation. This deep-rooted history isn’t just about tradition; it’s about a mastery over olive cultivation that has been honed to perfection. The result is an olive oil that embodies the essence of Morocco’s diverse and storied landscape.

Blessed by Climate

Morocco’s unique climate plays a crucial role in the quality of its olive oil. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the towering Atlas Mountains in the background, Morocco enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is ideal for olive cultivation. The hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters create the perfect conditions for olive trees to thrive. This climate not only contributes to the quantity of the harvest but significantly enhances the quality of the olives produced. The olives harvested in this pristine environment are brimming with flavour, nutrition, and character.

Unrivaled Production Process

Perhaps what truly sets Moroccan extra virgin olive oil apart is its production process. Moroccan producers combine traditional methods with modern technology to extract the oil while preserving its natural flavours, aromas, and health benefits. The olives are typically handpicked to ensure that only the best olives make it to the press. This meticulous selection process minimizes damage and bruising, preventing oxidation and ensuring the highest quality oil.

Once harvested, the olives are quickly transported to the mill and cold-pressed. This method of extraction, known as “cold pressing,” involves pressing the olives without the use of heat. This technique ensures that the oil retains its nutritional properties, including high levels of antioxidants and beneficial fats. The result is an extra virgin olive oil that is not only pure and healthful but also endowed with a complex flavour profile that ranges from fruity to peppery with a hint of bitterness.

The Unique Taste Of Morocco In Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is not just a cooking ingredient; it’s a health elixir and a culinary staple revered for its versatility. Whether drizzled over a salad, used as a cooking oil, or served as a dipping sauce, it adds depth and complexity to any dish. Beyond its culinary uses, Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is also celebrated for its health benefits. Rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, it’s known to promote heart health, support healthy digestion, and even contribute to a radiant complexion.

What makes Moroccan extra virgin olive oil so popular is the extraordinary care and passion that go into its production. From the sun-kissed groves nurtured by Morocco’s fertile lands to the centuries-old techniques carried on by skilled artisans, every drop of this golden elixir tells a story of tradition, quality, and flavour. It’s not just an oil—it’s a symbol of Morocco’s rich history, its bountiful nature, and its vibrant culinary culture.

In the global market, where olive oil is a dime a dozen, Moroccan extra virgin olive oil stands out. Its unique blend of history, climate, and dedication to quality makes it a treasured ingredient in kitchens around the world. Whether you’re a culinary professional or a home cook, incorporating Moroccan extra virgin olive oil into your dishes promises an experience that’s as rich and layered as Morocco itself.

What Our Customer Feedback Said About Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Great product. Have not had much pain in my knees and joints since taking this regularly.”

Alan Ray Churchill

“Best olive oil ever. I lived in the Mediterranean, had it all. Greek, Italian, Spanish oils. Does not compare to the freshness, health benefits and single estate source of Morocco Gold.

Dana Moll

“This is the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil!. The taste has aroma of almonds in it and I feel energetic day by day as I am using this Oil”.

Hussain S Mohammed

“Morocco Gold is the ultimate in extra virgin olive oils. I take 1/2 tbsp every morning to maintain health and wellness”.


“A notable cardiologist says: get this stuff down your neck!”

JL Harper

“I have been buying Moroccan Gold for several months now and it has helped me reduce my inflammation, significantly reduce my blood glucose levels and HDL cholesterol to normal levels. Have been drinking 2 tablespoon each day before breakfast and before sleeping at night”.

Dr Trevor Hewitt

I read so much about olive oils health and it is found that the Morocco olive has the highest concentration of it. So searching I found Morocco Gold. When I took my first shot I couldn’t figure out the full flavor? Then I read the wonderful box it comes in which said it all.  I am 77 and looking forward to the new me.  I will know more after using it daily for 21 days, that is how long it takes for the body to show a difference.

Sonnie Hendricks

Just got mine this week & am already seeing the benefits.  This is definitely my go-to oil, forever after!

Lou-Ann Lucas

Love this olive oil, use it everyday.  I buy it as gifts, and I swear, I’d bathe in it if I could! I have other olive oils, and they just sit there.  Because I go to this one everyday.  It has such a good flavor!

Michelle Walters

My husband had recently purchased a few bottles of this oil.  We had taste olive oil while vacationing in Morocco.  Having travelled extensively around the world and it had been the BEST tasting olive oil EVER!!

Theresa Holmes

I love Morocco Gold.  I am 64 years old and have been lifting weights for years. My wrist would flare up lately and make it painful to work out but I get through it. Since I have been taking 2 teaspoons a day of Gold the flare ups have gone away.  I am attributing it to the Gold.

Joe Whelan

Highest quality olive oil I ever tasted, exquisite presentation, rich in polyphenols- antioxidants helping us with a healthier diet. 3 days free delivery in US. I bought 2 bottles and I’ll order more.

Giani T.

This olive oil is the very best I’ve had in a long time. Not only is it good with salads or veggies, but I highly recommend adding balsamic vinegar and you’ve got an excellent dip for French Bread and your next Italian meal.

Jake Mize

“I’m a complete convert. It is absolutely delicious. I’ve used it for both salads and low temp cooking and it delivers on taste and smell. I also love the premium packaging”.

Tania O’ Donnel, Editor, Qualityfoodanddrink.com & Qualityfoodawards.com

More About What Makes Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special

Morocco Gold is an exceptionally high quality extra virgin olive oil. A key aim for us was to create a high-quality presentation to match the quality of the olive oil itself, to help announce this outstanding new extra virgin olive oil to the UK market.

Morocco Gold is at the front-end of design and innovation including: 

  • Our bottle design concept, echoing the ancient amphorae used to contain olive oils, but with a contemporary aesthetic. The dark glass helps to keep our olive oil fresh and extends its longevity.
  • Use of integrated tamperproof cap and pourer insert. This prevents Morocco Gold bottles from being re-filled with inferior or adulterated olive oils so that consumers are guaranteed the extra virgin quality of the oil inside. The glass is of course fully re-cyclable.
  • Our label design echoes an ‘art-deco’ style combined with an immediately identifiable Moroccan logo to create a visually arresting presentation with a real presence on the shelf or in the kitchen.
  • Our labelling uses state-of-the art technology combining digital and screen-print methods onto a film surface to create a luxury, embossed finish that will not become discoloured by staining or smearing.
  • We have worked with a leading packaging supplier to design a bespoke solution to withstand the rigours of the e-commerce era. Robust yet stylish, it guarantees your bottle of Morocco Gold will arrive unbroken. The simple to open tear off tab then reveals our Morocco Gold branding on the inside. It is like opening a Christmas present – any day of the year!
  • And…when you open your bottle of Morocco Gold, the air is filled with the aroma of green fruitiness and herbs


Morocco Gold even has a free eBook that tells the full story of this incredible extra virgin olive oil, what’s in it and why it is so good for you. Simply follow this link below for your free eBook and find out why this amazing extra virgin olive oil is so good for you.

“I’m a complete convert. It is absolutely delicious. I’ve used it for both salads and low temp cooking and it delivers on taste and smell. I also love the premium packaging”.

Tania O’ Donnel, Editor, Qualityfoodanddrink.com & Qualityfoodawards.com