Five Reasons Morocco Is The Best New Source Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Morocco Gold: An Extra Virgin Olive Oil Like No Other

Best New Source Of Evoo
Best New Source Of Evoo

When it comes to cooking oils, there are a lot of options to choose from. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, and canola oil are just a few of the most popular ones. But if you’re looking for an oil with lots of health benefits, extra virgin olive oil really is a great choice. And when faced with so much choice of olive oil, Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is one of the best around. Here’s why you should choose olive oil from Morocco for your next cookout.

1/ The Health Benefits of Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Are Outstanding

OK, so this will not be the first time you hear this from us, but we have so much to say about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil that we’ve still put this first!  In essence, the health benefits of a quality extra virgin olive oil are plentiful – even more so because of the quantities of polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) present.  And, because of how it’s grown and harvested, Moroccan olive oil has exceptionally high levels of polyphenols.  One polyphenol in particular – oleocanthal – is a key contributor to the health benefits of Morocco Gold.  has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti-inflammatory action on the body is very similar to ibuprofen, one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs most widely consumed.

2/ The Taste of Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Incredible

As mentioned above, the presence of Oleocanthal in Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is responsible for the peppery/ stinging sensation at the back of your throat when you enjoy the oil.  Morocco Gold is made from a single source – using the best Picholine Marocaine olives, selected early in the season, handpicked and cold pressed within 24 hours of picking. Picholine is the most common variety of olives used for oil in Morocco. It is naturally high in antioxidants and it produces very well balanced and creamy olive oil.

In order to achieve Morocco Gold’s unique flavour, no mixing or blending with other oils takes place to ensure genuine extra virgin olive oil quality.

The end result is a ‘liquid gold’: an incredibly rare, extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, extraordinary health benefits and a taste like none other.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Multiple Gold award winner for its green fresh fruity taste, with hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and herbs.

3/ Morocco Has Been Producing The Best Olive Oil For Centuries

Morocco has been producing high quality olive oil for millenia, from the time of the Romans. The existence of centenary trees and traditional presses (maasras), testify to the antiquity of olive oil production. Indeed, olive oil has long been considered a noble food by the local population.

The benign climate makes Morocco a ‘Garden Of Eden’ on the doorstep of Europe and the ideal location for olive cultivation with mild winters and warm, dry summers. The soils in the main olive-growing regions are rich and deep, and generally have an equal balance of clay and coarse sands.

However, despite now being the fourth largest producer of olive in the world, (Morocco harvested an estimated 2 million tons of olives in the most recent 2018/19 harvest), the quality of Moroccan olive oil is relatively little known outside of the country.

4/ Morocco Gold Supports Women In Agriculture

The agriculture sector in Morocco employs about 40 percent of the nation’s workforce, making it the largest employer in the country.

Growth in agriculture is, on average, at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors and is known to reduce poverty directly by raising farm incomes, and indirectly by generating employment and reducing food prices.

Community Olive

Women make up, on average, 43 percent of the agriculture labour force in developing countries, and 50 percent or more in some parts of Africa. Empowering women to participate in agricultural activity gives them greater influence over household income and expenditures, which typically helps to reduce household poverty and benefit children.

5/ Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is The Most Versatile Of Cooking Ingredients

Food For Energy And Reduced Stress

If you want to get a true idea of the versatility of extra virgin olive oil for cooking, just take a look at our recipe section. Whether you are using olive oil as a base for salad dressing, roasting with it or baking with it, extra virgin olive oil is a healthy, plant-based source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. And don’t worry about using it at high heat. The nutritional info of olive oil, which contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids (only one double bond), is fairly resistant to high heat. In one study, researchers heated extra virgin olive oil to 356°F (180°C) for 36 hours. The oil was highly resistant to damage (37Trusted Source). Another study used olive oil for deep-frying, and it took 24–27 hours for it to reach damage levels that were deemed harmful (38Trusted Source). Overall, olive oil seems to be very safe even for cooking at a fairly high heat.

Choose Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today!

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy and delicious addition to any diet, but it’s important to purchase a high-quality product. When looking for the best extra virgin olive oil, consider purchasing from Morocco. Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is some of the highest quality in the world thanks to the perfect climate and soil conditions for growing olives. The combination of traditional farming methods and modern production techniques results in an unbeatable product that you can feel good about using in your kitchen.

And the really great news is that our New Harvest is now available to purchase online. With our famously low acidity and health enhancing polyphenols, this year’s harvest the best extra virgin olive oil around.

Want To Learn More About Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Morocco Gold even has a free eBook that tells the full story of this incredible extra virgin olive oil, what’s in it and why it is so good for you. Simply follow this link for your free eBook and find out why this amazing extra virgin olive oil is so good for you.