Make Your Father’s Day With The Gift Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Time To Order The Best Olive Oil To Make Dad’s Day

Updated June 7th 2023

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Fathers Day
Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Father’s Day


  1. Gifting Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Best Oil For Cooking
  2. Why Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is A Guarantee of Quality
  3. Is Fresh Aways Best When It Comes To Choosing Olive Oil?
  4. Why Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Good For Cooking?
  5. Which Is The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
  6. Authenticity And The Guarantee Of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Ultimate Gift of Health

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the health-conscious dad in your life, look no further than the best olive oil in the world. Olive oil has a host of health benefits, and it’s also delicious. So why not give Dad the gift of good health and great taste this Father’s Day?

Gifting Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Best Oil For Cooking

Father’s Day 2023 is approaching fast so why not break free of the usual boring gifts and give your Dad a bottle of something he’ll really appreciate this year.  Morocco Gold single estate extra virgin olive oil is a luxurious addition to the kitchen of anyone with the highest standards in taste and health benefits.

If this sounds like it could (or should) be your Dad, purchase your bottle of Morocco Gold here and read on to find out just what a special gift this will be!

When most people think about cooking with olive oil, they imagine Mediterranean dishes like pasta with sauce or chicken wrapped in prosciutto. However, olive oil is a great choice for all kinds of recipes – not just Italian ones! In our own recipe section we have a wealth of mouth-watering recipes that will make you or your Dad want to start using this healthy cooking fat today.

Why Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is A Guarantee of Quality

If your Dad is drawn to a touch of luxury and likes to experiment with some of the finest produce in his cooking, you can be sure he will be impressed with a bottle of Morocco Gold.

Olive oil is one of the world’s most ancient foods and it’s one of the most common cooking ingredients. In fact, there’s probably a bottle sitting in your pantry right now. As well as tasting delicious, the best extra virgin olive oils are packed with heart-healthy polyphenols. With so many olive oils on the market buying the right extra virgin olive oil can be difficult.

However, this kitchen staple is often shrouded in confusion: regular vs. extra virgin olive oil: what’s the difference; what is the best brand of extra virgin olive oil to buy; what is the highest quality extra virgin olive oil; is it OK to cook with extra virgin olive oil?

“Extra virgin olive oil is so versatile because there are many flavours, notes, and colors,” says New York chef and food stylist Jennifer Ophir. “In that respect, it’s like wine.” And like wine, it can be intimidating. But don’t let intimidation stop you from enjoying this highly delicious and healthy ‘superfood’.

Our tastings at Fortnum & Mason are always an event not to miss!

“Extra virgin olive oil is a fruit juice,”

Nicholas Coleman, chief oleologist

And when fresh, that juice can be a bit intense. Similar to dark chocolate and craft beers, good, fresh extra virgin olive oil has notes of bitterness.

“Fresh oils can have a pungent, lingering black pepper finish that slowly trails off in the back of the throat,” says Coleman. The amazing and sometimes intense peppery sensation is a marker of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. It occurs because of the polyphenols found in high quality extra virgin olive oil that provide the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Is Best
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Is Best For Father’s Day

Is Fresh Aways Best When It Comes To Choosing Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is adversely affected by several factors including time passed since its pressing, heat, light, and air.

Steven Jenkins, olive oil expert and author of The Food Life.

At Morocco Gold we take great care to ensure the longevity of our extra virgin olive oil. The selection, early harvesting of our olives, carefully controlled handling and pressing of our olives. As well as the specialist nature of our glass bottle. Designed with a darker green tone and thicker glass wall to maximise protection from UV rays that can interact with and alter foodstuffs. This means that our extra virgin olive oil, if stored in cool conditions, will have an extended shelf life.

To help extend the life of your extra virgin olive oil, be sure to store the bottle in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.

What Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Good For Cooking?

 “Olive oil adds depth and dimension to virtually any dish,” says Ophir. However, experts like Coleman have careers tasting and assessing the subtleties of olive oil. Hundreds of olive varieties are cultivated around the world, and dozens are valued for producing delicious oil. Different varieties absolutely have different flavour profiles and personalities. In conclusion the end result of the oil is determined by much more including the geography, method of harvesting and pressing.  Again, think wine!

If you’re at a store that allows you to taste extra virgin olive oil, take advantage! We love holding our tasting sessions for Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil at Fortnun & Mason in London and look forward to continuing these after ‘lockdown’.

 Which Is The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

 Extra-virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold is the highest quality. It contains no more than 0.8 percent oleic acid (virgin olive oil contains up to 2 percent). Typically, our extra virgin olive oil has around 2% – 4% oleic acid. The acidity comes from free fatty acids and can be detected only in a laboratory. An expert panel of olive oil-tasters (yes, this is a job) must also discern that extra virgin olive oil is up to par and has no taste defects.

 “Extra virgin olive oil tastes good, smells good, looks good, is good for you, and brings out wonderful flavours you didn’t know existed in all of your favorite foods,” Jenkins says.

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking.

You can of course cook with extra-virgin olive, you’ll get a wonderful taste and plentiful health benefits. Olive oil is an incredible ingredient, and the cornerstone of the famous Mediterranean diet. Exquisite olive oil elevates everything it touches—salads, grilled veggies, meat and seafood, soups, stews, pasta, and risotto really do go from good to awesome when anointed with extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold. “It’s the perfect bridge between tradition and innovation. It can be utilized in a plethora of culinary applications with astounding results,” says Coleman.

Authenticity And The Guarantee Of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The UK and other markets have experienced challenges due to olive oil supplies from Europe being affected by poor harvest and blight across a number of key olive growing regions.

In addition, research has found that a third of the olive oil being sold in the UK was either fake or in breach of quality standards. Practices include:

  • Falsely labelling poor quality oils as extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil
  • Mixing and marketing olive oils from different countries / origins
  • Mixing oils of dubious provenance
  • Use of vegetable oils disguised using artificial colouring and additives

These practices may well have been exacerbated by the impact of blight and adverse weather conditions in EU producer countries in attempts to recover lost volume and value. Our aim to re-establish consumer trust and confidence in extra virgin olive oil as ‘the original superfood’

through setting a new standard for authenticity, traceability and the guarantee of extra virgin olive oil quality with the information included on our labelling.

In particular, we include the results of our annual harvest analysis on each and every bottle of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil so our customers can see at a glance the quality of our oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Ultimate Gift of Health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits:: Father’s Day

When it comes to the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, if you have the time, we have the information to help you understand why Morocco Gold can keep Dad (and the rest of your family) healthy!  But one of the key properties of the best olive oils is the presence of a compound called Polyphenols.  These magical little antioxidants are one of the best gifts you can give your father this year.

Polyphenol Sources

Polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil is receiving the attention of scientific and health community lately because of their benefits for human body. Polyphenols are chemical compounds that are present in many natural foods. Polyphenol is also used as dietary supplements and can be taken as prescribed medicine.

Polyphenols are phytochemicals that occur in plants and render the colour to plants. Sources of polyphenols include peaches, pomegranate, grapes, oranges, cocoa powder and dark chocolate. However one of the most important sources of polyphenols is extra virgin olive oil. It is important that this is genuine, unprocessed extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold that will still have its polyphenols intact. Processed or refined olive oils usually have their polyphenols extracted from the oil during filtration and refining.

Research has shown that polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil have a massive and positive impact on health and doctors recommend high consumption of polyphenol sources. Health benefits of high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil include:

  • Polyphenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Act As An Antioxidant

The polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil act as an antioxidant which means that these compounds minimize free radicals in the body. Antioxidants affect the human health in various way from improving body functions and digestion to skincare. Antioxidants can also fight off cell damage in the body, enhancing the body’s capability to fight off any diseases.

  •  Polyphenols Rich Olive Oil Lowers Cholesterol

Polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil can help you to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. There is good cholesterol, and bad cholesterol in the body and higher level of bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart diseases, choking arteries. Therefore, the polyphenols in the extra virgin olive oil can help you maintain cholesterol level within safe limits.

  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Improves Artery Function

The inner surface of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels are made from endothelial cells. According to the studies, polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil have a direct impact on the growth of the endothelial cell, regulating the functions of the blood vessel. Along with this, there is a positive impact of polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil on genes expression which regulates angiogenesis and other roles of the endothelium.

As extra virgin olive oil in itself has antioxidant characteristics, the high polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil can improve the overall endothelium resulting in improved cardiovascular health.

Map Of The Artery
Map Of The Artery
  • Polyphenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prevents Platelet Clumping Within Arteries

Platelet clumping is a type of a human health problem which is also called platelet aggregation. In platelet clumping, the platelets clump or coagulate together, and it can lead to the formation of clots in the blood. The polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil inhibit platelet clumping in blood, preventing the formation of harmful or unnecessary blood clots. In case of bruise or bleeding, the platelet clump together to form a clot to stop bleeding. But a high aggregation level may lead to the development of blood clots in the body.

  • Use In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fight Inflammation

Polyphenol rich olive oil fights inflammation in the body and can regulate muscle damage or chemicals that cause inflammation. As inflammation is related to various other diseases, polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil help to fight these diseases including cardiovascular problems.

If you’re looking for a unique and healthy Father’s Day gift, consider ordering some Morocco Gold extra olive oil from our online store or from Amazon. Our award-winning oils are perfect for any dad who loves to cook or enjoys a good meal. Give him the gift of health and flavour this father’s day!