Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Celebrates World Earth Day

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A Sustainable Source Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil That Supports Women In Agriculture

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supporting Earth Day

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supporting Earth Day

Every year on April 22, World Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

As the world considers the precious future (world earth day) of our environment and shared planet, we can reflect with pride on how Morocco Gold contributes to its unique community and environment of origin.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Good for the Environment

Respect for the global environment and communities in which we operate has always been a key consideration for the team at Morocco Gold.

We created Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil for health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds – made with care for the environment every step of the way. When we speak with our customers they always ask about our source in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains as well as how it is produced. They care passionately about the taste, how high quality extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold has proven health benefits and – increasingly – the impact it has on the environment.

We were fascinated with a new study by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Minnesota that demonstrates foods that are considered to be healthy, such as whole-grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil, also have the lowest environmental impact.

This extensive research by Michael A Clark, Marco Springmann, Jason Hill, and  David Tilman, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) shows that eating healthier also means eating more sustainably and reveals a clear link between healthy food and environmental sustainability. Food choices are shifting globally in ways that are negatively affecting both human health and the environment. Here the researchers considered how consuming an additional serving per day of each of 15 foods key food groups is associated with 5 health outcomes in adults and 5 aspects of agriculturally driven environmental degradation.

Environmental Research around Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supports Environment

The researchers found that “while there is substantial variation in the health outcomes of different foods, foods associated with a larger reduction in disease risk for one health outcome are often associated with larger reductions in disease risk for other health outcomes. Likewise, foods with lower impacts on one metric of environmental harm tend to have lower impacts on others”.

Additionally, of the foods associated with improved health (whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, and fish), all except fish have among the lowest environmental impacts, and fish has markedly lower impacts than red meats and processed meats. Foods associated with the largest negative environmental impacts—unprocessed and processed red meat—are consistently associated with the largest increases in disease risk.

How Dietary Choices can impact our Environment.

We Support Employing Moroccan Women In Agriculture
We Support Employing Moroccan Women In Agriculture

Women make up, on average, 43 percent of the agriculture labour force in developing countries, and 50 percent or more in some parts of Africa. Empowering women to participate in agricultural activity gives them greater influence over household income and expenditures, which typically helps to reduce household poverty and benefit children.