Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Expands In Europe

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How the best olive oil, Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil partnered with Ankorstore to bring this exceptional olive oil to more of our European retail customers

Morocco Gold Partners With Ankorstore
Morocco Gold Partners With Ankorstore

As part of our partnering programme Morocco Gold is delighted to announce we have partnered with Ankorstore.

Ankorstore was founded in 2019 and is now a partner to more than 250,000 specialist retailers, florists, coffee shops and gourmet delis seeking to offer authentic, artisan products and brands that retail giants do not offer.

The Ankorstore marketplace offers a catalogue of over 20,000 European brands to retailers who want to offer their customers a differentiated shopping experience and new products.

More than just an online wholesaler, Ankorstore is a global marketplace dedicated exclusively to small businesses and independent brands like Morocco Gold. Their mission is to ‘Promote the development and growth of local and authentic retailers and help European brands expand their customer base. They go on to say:

“We build long-lasting relationships”


Our comprehensive, global and supportive ecosystem empowers independent and like-minded retailers and brands to find each other, build long-lasting relationships, trade on better terms and benefit from cutting-edge technology, tools, financial support and logistics.

Present in 26 countries throughout Europe plus the UK, Ankorstore is ideally positioned to work with Morocco Gold to service our European retail customer base. Working together with Morocco Gold’s own fulfilment centre based at Venlo in the Netherlands means Morocco Gold can be delivered throughout Europe with no post-Brexit hassle.

Why Stock Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Like Ankorstore, Morocco Gold is growing rapidly. As more consumers are seeking high-quality, authentic, great tasting food experience, also becoming more health and wellness conscious, they have made Morocco Gold part of their healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Around 65% of our orders are for repeat customers.

Moroco Gold is a rare ultra-premium extra virgin olive oilfrom a new, undiscovered source. From branch to bottle, no shortcuts are taken, no steps are overlooked. Simply the best Picholine Marocaine olives, harvested early in the season when the fruit is young, handpicked and cold pressed within 24 hours of picking.

Unfiltered, with no mixing or blendingwith other olive oil to ensure genuine extra virgin olive oil quality. The end result is a ‘liquid gold’: an incredibly rare, extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality and a taste like none other.

Multiple Gold award winner for its amazing green fresh fruity taste, with hints of sweet almonds, fresh herbs and turf, our versatile Moroccan olive oil can be enjoyed on its own, dipped in bread, with salads and fresh vegetables, as a cooking oil to make your dishes extra delicious. You can even use our olive oil for skin and our olive oil for hair.

Morocco Gold is a polyphenol rich olive oil, the antioxidants that deliver the many evidence-based health benefits of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Beautifully presented, Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil makes the ideal ‘gift of health’ for family and friends.

Morocco Gold sets a new standard for provenance, authenticity and the guarantee of extra virgin quality. Uniquely, the results of the annual harvest analysis are printed on each and every bottle of Morocco Gold.