Morocco Gold

Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil from Moroccan Gold which is a single estate grown oil and the first to appear in the UK.

Furthermore it has a distinct taste and is packaged in an innovative container that is ideal as a gift for a loved one or a discerning palette. For instance Morocco Gold is rich in polyphenols and for that reasons makes our oil healthy as well as nutritious. Finially coming on the back of a bumper harvest now is a great time to purchase a bottle.

Premium Packaging Morocco Gold

Our extra virgin olive oil?

This is the first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil to be brought to the UK from Morocco. As a result our oil has a fresh and vibrant fruity flavour combined in a sophisticated bottle and packaged to create a premium product.

No doubt this helped us being nominated winner in the food category of the FoodTalk awards 2018!

Olive Oil Benefits

Health Benefits

Research shows that daily use of good quality oil helps fight diseases such as high blood blood pressure.

Morocco Oil Olives

Morocco Gold Taste

Rich, fruity with a deep golden colour this first cold pressed oil hits all the right notes.

Dripping Morocco Gold


Ideal for everyday use we are listing recipes using our Morocco Gold.

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Our Source

Grown in the 'Garden of Eden' our hand picked Picholine olives are cold pressed with 24 hours of picking.


Don't take our word for it, buy a bottle of Morocco Gold and enjoy the finest quality olive oil on the market today from a new source.

Our packaging has been recently won an award at the Starpack Industry Innovation awards for it's innovative and creative approach.

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