Two-thirds Of Italians Would ‘Never Give Up Olive Oil’

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Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Will Always Be A Part Of The Mediterranean Diet

Updated July 7th 2023

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Olive oil is so important to Italian cooking that it is an ingredient two-thirds of Italians say they would never give up.

A survey by market research firm Nomisma and funded by health insurance company Unisalute revealed 64 per cent said they favoured olive oil to other fats for several reasons, including its flavour and health benefits.

Head of marketing intelligence at Nomisma Silvia Zucconi was reported by Olive Oil Times as saying: “Among the most interesting results of the research is the consciousness and knowledge that Italians seem to show when they are asked about their relationship with food and eating.”

Indeed, one-third of respondents noted that eating nutritious food was how to stay healthy. As a result, more than half (53 per cent) also said seasonal vegetables were essential to an Italian diet, while 40 per cent said they ate fresh fruit several times a day.

The survey showed those who made healthy food choices, such as choosing premium olive oil, were also more likely to exercise regularly, undergo frequent health checks and take doctors’ advice. 

One of the big advantages of using olive oil in cooking, as opposed to other types of oils such as sunflower or vegetable, is due to its reported health properties.

It has been known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, lower inflammation, help with digestive problems, boost the cardiovascular system, and even decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancers.

Why Should Extra Virgin Olive Oil Be A Staple In My Diet To Live Long?

So, just why is olive oil an important part of the Mediterranean Diet for increasing longevity? Is it all about replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat and monounsaturated fatty acids? Protecting your heart from disease is a great way to help you live longer, but olive oil is also packed full of healthy antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and fight off a range of diseases.

“Olive oil is high in healthy fats as well as having great antioxidant properties. People who consume this diet appear to have a higher life expectancy, including a lower chance of dying from cardiovascular diseases.”


 The World’s Healthiest Village

There are numerous studies that point to the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold.

Pioppi, Italy, is known as the world’s healthiest village because many of its residents live past the age of 100. The villagers have a diet of whole natural foods comprised of things that are in season and available according to the local climate.

Imagine living in a community where the average man lives to be 89, and many reach the 100-year mark. Picture what it would be like to enjoy one’s golden years without dementia or type 2 diabetes, maladies that are an integral part of aging in the rest of the world. After hearing about Pioppi, cardiologist Aseem Malhotra became fascinated with discovering what diet kept the residents so healthy and what lessons could be learned from them.After studying the village, Malhotra developed a formula for optimal health. For starters, the Pioppians have a very low sugar intake, eating it only once per week. It is this dietary practice that the doctor considers essential for their good health. He contends that western society’s fear of fat is to blame for the high consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Malhotra attributes these foods as the cause of the widespread incidence of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Pioppi has received notoriety because it’s known as the home of the Mediterranean diet. As the villagers have no supermarket, their diet consists largely of vegetables, olive oil, and fish. They also eat cheese, but other dairy products aren’t available. Pasta and bread are consumed in small quantities. In addition to sugar, their diet is low in meat and refined carbohydrates.

Other lifestyle practices aside from a healthful diet play a role. The villagers get seven hours of sleep per night and experience freedom from much stress. Although it isn’t intentional, intermittent fasting is a natural part of their lives. They don’t engage in exercise per se, but they’re very active.

Included in his top recommendations for vibrant health and longevity based on the Pioppians:

Extra virgin olive oil is medicine take it every day.


One further consideration – who would not want to live forever in a place like this!!

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