How To Get The Most From Your Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Perfect As A Dip

We all know that olive oil has a number of health benefits, not to mention that Moroccan Gold extra virgin olive oil tastes delicious. But if you’re going to splash out on a high-end bottle of olive oil you want to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste.

Real Simple recently offered some suggestions to help you make the most of high-quality extra virgin olive oil and one of the top tips is to check the expiration date to make sure that you don’t let that delicious oil go to waste by ‘saving’ it for too long.

When you’re cooking with olive oil, it’s also important to be mindful of its smoking point. This will mean you can avoid burning your oil, which will diminish its flavour in your cooking.

The publication also pointed out that olive oil isn’t only great in the kitchen. While it might taste fantastic in your cooking you shouldn’t overlook its other uses, such as for your hair, skin and nails.

“Pamper your hair, skin and nails with the naturally moisturising capabilities of olive oil and dab a bit on your hands to replenish dry skin or use on your hair as a hydrating moisture mask,” the news provider stated.

We’re big fans of using extra virgin olive oil for hair, so if you need an extra pick-me-up at the moment this is an excellent beauty treatment to try.

If you need some extra encouragement to give this a go, an article for Belfast Live recently pointed out that using natural hair care products is one of the best ways to protect against split ends and brittle locks.