Have A Happy Friday With An Olive Oil Martini!

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Two Colorful Cocktails And Dry Martini With Green Olives. Red An

As we all know, extra virgin olive oil is incredibly good for us, helping to keep our cholesterol down, our hearts happy and our taste buds more than tantalised – but have you ever considered trying your favourite oil in cocktail form instead of using it in your cooking?

Take a look at this interesting recipe on the Saveur website for an olive oil martini that will not only ensure you have something delicious to drink of an evening but will also teach you a little something about infusion at the same time.

This technique is known as fat-washing and is easy to do so even if you’ve never practised your mixology skills before, you should be able to do this with no trouble at all.

It’s all about creating layers and depth of flavour and texture, achieved by combining gin, olive oil, rosemary and thyme all together in a big airtight jar, giving it a good shake and then leaving it at room temperature to infuse overnight.

From there, you need to put the jar in the freezer for another 12 hours or so to ensure the olive oil solidifies and separates. Then you need to strain the gin twice to get rid of any solids, sediment and oil – and hey presto! Your first infusion!

This isn’t the only drink you can enjoy olive oil in, however, and what better time than right now to experiment? Check out this recipe for The McGavin on the Urban Daddy website that features this versatile ingredient, along with Chartreuse, gin, lemon juice, basil and egg white.