How To Prevent Olive Oil From Going Off

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The Nutitional Info Of Olive Oil

There is no point in finding the best extra virgin olive oil in the UK if you do not look after it properly.

That is why we have put together these tips on how to prevent your olive oil from expiring, so its quality, taste and benefits remain good for as long as possible.

Keep it away from light

Many people are tempted to store their bottles of oil on the windowsill, so they are in easy reach when you need to use them for cooking. However, celebrity chef James Martin told TV viewers this is the worst place to keep olive oil.

Speaking on This Morning last week, the former Saturday Kitchen host spoke to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about storing extra virgin olive oil, Metro reported.

“Don’t put olive oil on the windowsill, because it will go off,” Martin said, adding: “Oil is light sensitive, so [put it in a] dark cupboard or away from that windowsill.”

Indeed, storing it in a cool, dark place is the best way to maintain its shelf life. However, you do not necessarily have to put it in a refrigerator, unless you do not have a pantry or cupboard that is suitable for it.

An article on Healthline advised those who do keep it in the fridge that it is normal if it looks cloudy, as “this is a normal reaction to cooler temperatures and does not indicate that your olive oil has gone rancid”.

It is also worth buying bottles made out of dark materials, such as Morocco Gold Extra Virgin olive oil as this prevents light entering the container.

Close the cap properly

It is not just light that can cause your olive oil to deteriorate faster than it should, but exposure to oxygen too.

This can enable fat molecules to break down faster. So to prevent oxidation, make sure the cap is closed on the bottle properly.

We take great care to ensure the longevity of Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil, including the selection, early harvesting of our olives, carefully controlled handling and pressing of our olives, and the specialist nature of our glass bottle. This has been designed with a darker tone of green and thicker glass wall to maximise protection from UV rays that can interact with and alter foodstuffs. All these factors mean that our extra virgin olive oil, if stored in cool conditions, will have an extended shelf life.

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