Cooking In The Fall With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Late-Season Produce And The Best Olive Oil Are A Match Made In Heaven

The fall is a great time to make the most of nature’s seasonal gifts, many of which will pair beautifully with the rich flavour of a robust extra virgin olive oil.

From apples and cranberries to sweet potatoes, squash, kale and artichokes, this wondrous season brings a plentiful source of intense flavors and substantial textures to form the basis of mouth-watering side dishes, soups and hearty oven bakes.  The compliment of a high quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil as a healthy monounsaturated fat is the perfect way to load up on antioxidants or polyphenols which can help to combat those nasty winter bugs hiding around the corner.

Here is our hand-picked selection of some of the finest fall recipes with extra virgin olive oil around.  If you’re tempted to seek more inspiration for cooking with the best olive oil, take a look at our vast selection of recipes here.