Why Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Becoming Even More Important

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And why the best olive oil, Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil s leading the way.

The Value Of Moroccan Olive Oil
The Value Of Moroccan Olive Oil

Olive Oil From The European Union

It was recognised on 2020 that climate change would have a direct, measurable impact on olive farming in traditional EU producing countries surrounding the Mediterranean. This led scientists to investigate how new rainfall patterns, which increasingly now resemble those of subtropical environments, affect European farmers.

We considered the Mediterranean basin to be a hotspot for climate change because it is a substantially limited strip of territory lying beside a huge water basin, where every change in climate is amplified

Luigi Ponti, climate researcher, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA).

By analyzing the climatic data compiled by ENEA and other similar agencies, Ponti said that he and his fellow researchers began to notice how sensitive the Mediterranean basin is, to even to minor changes in the local climate.

“From those models we understand how the climate is shifting and thanks to previous studies, we can say that there is a statistically significant possibility that several northern European regions will shift to the Mediterranean climate,” he said. “The Mediterranean itself will shift toward a dry, arid climate, which has an obvious impact on the whole agricultural sector as well as olive growing,” he added.

The Impacts On Olive Oil Production Are Now Happening

In 2022 – 23 olive oil production decreased in southern Europe due to extreme hot weather and drought, sending prices soaring.

With 2 million tons of olive oil produced on 4 million hectares of olive grove (nearly 10 million acres), EU countries provide two-thirds of the global production and also produce 900,000 tons of table olive.

In the rolling hills of southern Spain, where olive trees stretch out as far as the eye can see, even a relatively small increase in the average temperature is being felt by olive farmers.

Spain is the biggest producer, providing over half of the union’s total production. Spain’s production was nearly 1.8 million tons five years ago and decreased to some 663,000 tons in the 2022-2023 harvest season.

Spain produced just half of its normal quantity of oil in the last harvest, according to the International Olive Council prompting fearsthat Spain may run out of olive oil before the next harvest which begins in October 2023.

There was also a significant decrease in olive oil production in Italy and Portugal.

What Is The Impact On Olive Oil Pricing?

Against this background, prices of olive oil have skyrocketed. Prices for olive oil are surging to record-breaking territory after an extended period of unusually dry weather in southern Europe damaged crops. European prices first moved above €4 per kilogramme in September but have now shot up to more than €7 per kg owing to soaring temperatures and a lack of rainfall in Spain, the world’s largest producer, as well as in Italy and Portugal.

“We’ve had a very poor crop, prices have never been this high, and concerns extend beyond the season we’ve just had,” said Kyle Holland, oilseeds and vegetable oils analyst at Mintec, the commodity data firm. Spanish officials say the devastating effects of heatwaves and water shortages demonstrate the urgency of tackling climate change.

The View Of Moroccan Olive Oil

Over the last dozen years, the Moroccan government has focused on promoting the olive oil and table olives production sectors. Moroccan olive oil production continues on an upward trend. The number of olive groves in the country has also grown substantially and is set to reach three million acres (1.2 million hectares) in 2030.

Along with increasing production, another prong of the Moroccan strategy is the promotion of Moroccan exports. Morocco’s footprint in the E.U. is very significant with a long history. However there is an increasing focus on the USA and Asian markets.

Where Does Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fit In?

The olives that go into Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil are grown in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, benefiting from the region’s exceptional micro-climate and geology. This combination of local cultivation knowledge, rigorous traceability, and quality assurance procedures has allowed us to bring this “noble food” to international markets.

Discover the Distinctive Taste Of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Produced from the exceptional Picholine Marocaine cultivar, Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil showcases a delightful green fruitiness, accompanied by subtle hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf, and aromatic herbs. This best olive oil embodies the signature “pepperiness” of a truly remarkable extra virgin olive oil, leaving a clean and perfectly balanced finish.

Unveiling the Health Properties Of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What sets Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil apart is its high concentration of polyphenols. This not only extends the shelf-life of our oil but also provides a range of health-enhancing benefits associated with top-quality extra virgin olive oils. In fact, our latest test results showcase polyphenol levels well above the European Food Safety Agency’s approved standard of 250mg/kg.

Supporting Local Communities and Empowering Women

By choosing Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil, you’re not only indulging in a culinary experience and promoting healthy eating but also contributing to the empowerment of Moroccan women. Our commitment to the local agriculture sector, which employs about 40 percent of the nation’s workforce, helps create livelihood opportunities for women, fostering gender equality and reducing household poverty.

Experience Excellence with Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In addition to delivering an exceptional taste and health benefits, Morocco Gold aims to redefine excellence within the extra virgin olive oil sector. We strive to satisfy the growing interest in culinary experiences and healthy lifestyles, all while supporting local Moroccan communities, with a particular emphasis on women.

Maintaining Exceptional Value

At Morocco Gold, we understand the concerns of price pressure in the olive oil market. That’s why we have taken measures over the past 2 years to ensure a consistent supply of our extra virgin olive oil at the same base price, providing you with exceptional value.

Indulge in the excellence of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.