Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Meets The Ambassadors

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We were delighted to attend the recent round of ‘Meet The Ambassadors’ organised by the Scottish African Business Association (SABA). This offered a unique opportunity to learn more about the tremendous opportunities opening up between Scotland and Africa. Especially, in our own particular case with Morocco.


About Morocco Gold

Originally established in 2018, Morocco Gold is a unique Scottish Moroccan business partnership that brings an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil from an amazing new source to health conscious, discerning food lovers worldwide. As primarily an internet business, we bring a locally produced, centuries old product into the forefront of global online retailing.

Morocco Gold exemplifies the SABA goals of bringing together African and Scottish based businesses to create and execute opportunities in an ever more competitive and challenging world.

The opportunity for Morocco Gold is truly vast, with traditional EU olive oil producer countries affected by the devastating xyella virus that has reduced some producer country outputs by up to 50%. Morocco is ideally placed to ‘fill the gap’.

As if one virus were not enough, we all now have to deal with the ongoing challenges of Corona virus. Morocco Gold has worked in conjunction with our Moroccan suppliers and logistics partners to ensure our supply chain remains fully secure.

At UK Level

The Saba round adds to recent UK level discussions that has also provided an invaluable platform to clarify inter-Governmental trading questions around importing and exporting, particularly given the next round of challenges around Brexit.

The British Ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly reiterated the UK’s determination to take cooperation between Rabat and London to a higher level. He also stated that Morocco has made notable progress in maintaining its political and economic stability over the years.

In a statement to CNBC-Africa, the diplomat remarked on Morocco’s role in Africa and its investment expansion on the continent. He said that Morocco is the second-largest investor in the continent. “Morocco has a young population and is well-linked in terms of infrastructure,” the diplomat added.

Ambassador Reilly renewed his country’s determination to take cooperation to another level in several areas, including sustainable development. He concluded that the two countries have a lot to offer to the African continent. A cornerstone goal of the Saba community.

Several other UK officials shared positive remarks about the UK-Morocco ties. Minister of State for International Trade Conor Burns was the most vocal. The minister affirmed there is a lot of “potential for UK and Morocco to work as partners. To develop investment across Africa.”

“Let us embrace the opportunities before us and build our relationships, strengthen our ties, and increase the future prosperity of people in Morocco and the UK,” he said. Burns also encouraged companies in both countries to think about expanding investments in the partner state.

“I want British companies to think about Morocco when they are developing their export plans. I want Moroccan companies to think about the UK when they are looking for new partners and expertise,” Burns emphasized.

We echo Ambassador Reilly’s words in that Morocco is a land of opportunity and have found the people so helpful and eager to work with us at Morocco Gold.

We have demonstrated that Morocco’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be rated with the very best in the world. Morocco is also free from the Xyella Fastidiosa bacteria that has devastated traditional European producing countries. This represents an additional opportunity for Moroccan olive oils.

What’s Next

Brexit represents a whole new series of growth opportunities both for Morocco Gold and our Moroccan partners. We are delighted to have support of SABA from both UK/Moroccan embassies. This will ensure we all make the very best of these opportunities.