What Is Bird-Friendly Olive Oil?

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Olive Oil As A Dip

Looking into the origins of the ingredients in our kitchen cupboards is important if you want to make sure you’re leading a life that has minimal impact on the environment – something that is becoming increasingly important as time goes on.

It may well be that you’ve never considered the process of making certain items that you use on a regular basis – did you know, for example, that the use of vacuum machines in the harvesting of olives kills millions of birds as a result?

Researchers warned last year that songbirds are being vacuumed out of the trees and killed during night-time olive harvests in the Mediterranean between October and January. The birds roost in olive bushes at night.

Lead researcher Vanessa Mata from the Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources in Portugal told the Independent at the time: “The machinery is perfectly fine if used during the day, as birds are able to see and escape while they are operating.”

According to the Ethical Consumer website, many companies in the industry have now said they will be working alongside suppliers to bring a halt to the practice of super-intensive nocturnal harvesting. And it also seems as though the EU will be looking to tackle this issue head on, hopefully banning it outright.

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