Olive Oil And Coffee: Is It A Match Made In Heaven?

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The Polyphenols In Olive Oil And Coffee Have Common Ground

Health Benefits Of Coffee And Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Health Benefits Of Coffee And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Did you ever consider that Olive Oil and Coffee may work together as a pair? Well, one major coffee chain certainly thinks so and its high profile launch of its olive-oil-infused Oleato drinks has attracted considerable attention.

According to the North American Olive Oil Association, extra virgin olive oil and coffee are both rich in different plant-based polyphenols, which combat inflammation and have health benefits for your heart, brain, and cancer resistance.

But, while there are common health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and coffee, how can you make a tasty version of the combination at home?

The key to making a delicious olive oil coffee drink, reports the  North American Olive Oil Association, is to make sure that the oil is well emulsified into your drink. Olive oil is incorporated into Starbucks’ drinks through blending, frothing, steaming, or shaking.

They explain:

Our recipe uses a blender to emulsify the olive oil with the coffee. To make an olive oil “cappuccino”, simply blend 6oz of strong black coffee with 1.5 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil in a blender. Please exercise caution when blending hot drinks to avoid being burned with hot coffee!  Add sweetener if you like, but we like it without.

North American Olive Oil Association

Is It Good For You?

There is some science to back it up, too—for both product, it all comes down to the type that you choose. When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, a high quality, cold-pressed olive oil can provide plenty of heart-healthy polyphenols, while dark roast coffee has been linked to several health benefits due to its powerful phytonutrients such as antioxidants and flavonoids.

According to Oliveoil.org, some observers point out that adding olive oil to your coffee adds unnecessary calories, but it should be noted that consumption of olive oil is associated with weight loss when compared to other fats.  And if you are using the olive oil instead of other fatty ingredients (cream, milk, butter), you are replacing unhealthy fats with healthy fats; calorie for calorie, adding olive oil to your coffee is healthier than other sources of fat. In addition to complementing the flavor, olive oil can also boost coffee’s appetite-suppressing qualities. So, there’s a good chance that a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil in your coffee will help you stay sated for longer.

Some scientists take an alternative view. Speaking to Fortune Well, Kara Burnstine, registered nutritionist and certified diabetes educator at Pritikin Longevity Center, said:

“It would not be my recommendation to add olive oil to coffee as the calories are quite high for a small amount of olive oil,” she says.

“Olive oil, albeit a healthier oil, should still be used sparingly in the diet, so maybe save it for your salad and try adding fat-free milk, soy milk, or almond milk, unsweetened, as a lower-calorie dense option,” she continues.

“Separately coffee and olive oil have shown to have heart health benefits; however putting them together does not add up to a healthy breakfast or added benefit,” shares Burnstine. “Some might say the fatted-up coffee can boost brain health and help keep you satisfied, but I’m still sticking to my oatmeal for my morning brain boost: a great combo of whole grains, fiber, and antioxidants.

The Truth About Polyphenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Plant Based Polyphenols
Plant Based Polyphenols

At Morocco Gold, we take the power of the polyphenol very seriously and here’s why.

Polyphenols are a type of phytonutrient found in plant foods, including extra virgin olive oil, that have antioxidant properties.

In fact the European Food Safety Authority has now approved health claims for extra virgin olive oils with polyphenol content of more than 250mg / kg. Morocco Gold olive oil has high polyphenols well above this level.

They’ve been shown to be beneficial for gut health in multiple ways, including by inhibiting bad bacteria, encouraging the growth of good bacteria, and protecting the gut lining. 

In conclusion, combining the healthy qualities of both olive oil and coffee is a great way to help increase your daily intake of essential polyphenols. Coffee with olive oil is an innovative and delicious way to experience the antioxidant benefits of polyphenols in a unique way. Plus, it’s fun to try something new each day, and helps encourage a healthy lifestyle. It’s clear that olive oil infused coffee has multiple advantages, including increased energy levels and enhanced focus.

But the health benefits don’t stop there – polyphenols are also an important part of The Mediterranean Diet, which has been recognized as one of the world’s healthiest diets. So why not give an oleato coffee a try today and boost your olive oil intake with your morning brew?