Choosing The Best Olive Oil For Frying

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Tips On Using Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Frying Or Sautéing

Updated February 3rd 2022

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Frying

There are number of factors to consider when selecting the best olive oil for frying – whether that’s deep frying, shallow frying, and pan frying.

A new report from Insider this month encourages everyone to think carefully about factors including flavour, smoke point and price when choosing the best olive oil for cooking.

When choosing an oil for frying, aim for a smoke point at least 25 degrees above the cooking temperature. Most frying is done at 325 degrees Fahrenheit to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, so oil with a 400 degrees Fahrenheit spoke point and above is a good choice.”


While we agree that smoke point is one of many considerations in choosing the best cooking oil for any recipe, we think extra virgin olive oil such as Morocco Gold has its place in the frying kitchen!

Why We Shouldn’t Rule Out Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Frying Food.

While the report from Insider guards against frying with an oil that has a low smoke point, it is a common myth that you can’t use extra virgin olive oil to fry.  And here’s why!

With so many different varieties of olive oil on the market, each with its own properties, acidity levels, and oleic acid content, you just need to know which is the best choice for frying.

Frying With Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Myths Exposed

Extra virgin olive oil is considered the highest grade and the best quality olive oil. It is extracted from fresh olives harvested not more than a day ago. The process doesn’t use excessive heat, chemicals or mechanisms during the extraction. . And, contrary to some beliefs, you can enjoy the health benefits of cooking with extra virgin olive oil, even with high-temperature methods including frying and sautéing.

According to the oliveoiltimes, a study revealed that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil was actually healthier than boiling them.  This method retains the nutrients in the veggies and the extra virgin olive oil helps your body absorb them and the high content of disease fighting polyphenols.

Read the full article from the Olive Oil Times which dispels the long-held misconceptions about using extra virgin olive oil for frying and sautéing.

How To Pick The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking

It is full of flavour, and best used to drizzle over salads, meats, breads, and ideal for light cooking such as sautéing and stir frying.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Oil: The Right Type Of Olive Oil
Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Oil

Virgin olive oil can be categorised as fine virgin (acidity less than 1.5 per cent), semi-fine virgin (3.3 per cent), and virgin (2 per cent). It is also extracted from fresh olives, but with a less intense flavour and intensity than extra virgin. It is perfect for baking, roasting, and shallow frying.

Pure olive oil is of a lower quality of the virgin category, because of the oleic acid levels of around 4 per cent. It uses heat in the extracting process, which may cause impurities in the oil. It can be used for conventional cooking purposes, stir fries to deep frying, but it isn’t advisable to be consumed uncooked, for example, drizzled over salad.

Refined Olive Oil refers to olive oils that have gone through a refining process, using heat and chemicals to extract the residual oil that has been left after the first extraction. The acidic content is higher than recommended, and the oil is also fattier and not as flavoursome.

While it isn’t recommended when compared to its counterparts, it can be used for deep-frying, as this is when it remains most stable.

Recently, the extraction waste products have been used as a biofuel in Spain, with olive pomace, vine shoots, olive leaves, and agricultural remains acting as its primary fuel. For the very best Moroccan extra virgin olive oil, try today.

For more information on the different types of olive oil and how to use them in your cooking, please pop over to see the Morocco Gold story here.