Polyphenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Heal Damaged Skin Says New Study

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Choose Polyphenol-Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Skin Health

Better Skin Health With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Better Skin Health With Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Are you looking for ways to take better care of your skin, even from the inside out? Adding polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil to your diet might be just what you need! According to a new study, there are powerful polyphenols in olive oil that can help heal damaged skin.
  • These antioxidants provide numerous health benefits including improved elasticity and moisture levels in the skin. The results of this study show why making sure you include at least some protein-rich olive oil in your daily meals could make a real difference with how good you look and feel!
  • A new study found that certain polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil enhanced the healing actions of fibroblasts, cells essential for forming connective tissues.


Fibroblasts, Polyphenols and Skin Healing With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

According to a report in Olive Oil Times, Fibroblasts play a crucial role in repairing damaged skin from lesions or cuts. The research, published in Nutrients, paves the way for the future use of polyphenol-based applications to heal wounded skin.

Lucía Melguizo-Rodríguez, another co-author and university researcher, said:

We found that when exposed to the phenolic compounds, the fibroblasts would migrate, which means that they would move to close the gap caused by the wound, benefiting their healing action.”

Lucía Melguizo-Rodríguez

Also contributing to the report, Olga García-Martínez, co-author of the study and researcher at the University of Granada’s health science department, told Olive Oil Times:

Fibroblasts are the main cells in the skin and are involved in its regeneration. They are essential in repairing damaged skin.”

Olga García-Martínez

Lucía Melguizo-Rodríguez added that fibroblasts are crucial in extra-cellular matrix reconstruction.

“They release compounds which keep all of the skin components together, they are the net keeping it all together, and that is why their action is so relevant,” she told Olive Oil Times.

Which Polyphenols In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Are Good For Skin Repair?

Healthy Polyphenols Help Good Skin Health

The scientists focused on how fibroblast behavior would be impacted by applying hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and oleocanthal, extra virgin olive oil’s most prevalent polyphenols.

Those three phenols were chosen because previous research demonstrated their interesting behavior when applied to different tissue cells, such as the osteoblasts, bone cells,” García-Martínez said. “We singled those three out as there were higher chances that they could stimulate soft tissue cells such as fibroblasts.”

The research highlighted that those phenolic compounds would stimulate fibroblast growth when applied.

That is a very relevant result, as when the skin is wounded, stimulating the development of a higher number of fibroblasts would result in better healing,” Melguizo-Rodríguez said.

For full details of the study, see the Olive Oil Times Report here.

Science Behind Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Skin Health

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, we often look to expensive creams and serums. However, research has shown that the answer to promoting skin health may be found in extra virgin olive oil. Specifically, studies have pointed to polyphenols, a type of antioxidant found in olive oil, as having numerous benefits for the skin. These benefits include reducing inflammation, protecting against UV damage, and improving skin elasticity.

Incorporating olive oil in your skincare routine as a moisturizer or as part of a balanced diet has potential to improve your skin health inside and out. With these findings, it’s clear that extra virgin olive oil is not only delicious, but also a beneficial addition to your beauty regime.

Extra virgin olive oil acts as an antioxidant, which is a substance that, as the name suggests, prevents oxidization. What this means is that it inhibits the production of free radicals which are chemicals that damage skin and can lead to some forms of cancers, especially skin cancer. 

One study showed that when extra virgin olive oil was applied to the skin after exposure to harmful UV rays, the growth of tumors was significantly lower. While these trials are preliminary, they are definitely promising, and they are just one of many benefits of olive oil on the skin.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Skin Health

And, of course, if you’re going to be using extra virgin olive oil to protect your skin, you want to use the best olive oil for skin which has to be Morocco Gold. Moroccan olive oil has been praised for its beauty and wellness properties since the time of Cleopatra and the Romans.

 When applied to the skin, extra virgin olive oil can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be used to help treat dry scalp and dandruff. To reap the benefits of extra virgin olive oil for skin, be sure to do the following:

  1. Choose an extra virgin olive oil that has been cold-pressed and has not been exposed to heat or light.
  2. Store the olive oil in a dark glass bottle in a cool, dark place.
  3. Apply the olive oil to your skin as needed. You can also add a few drops of olive oil to your bath water for a relaxing, soothing experience.

As well as being packed with health boosting antioxidants – called polyphenols – the best olive oils have been linked with a reduction in inflammation and reduced risk of many diseases from heart disease to cancer. Morocco Gold is one of the highest quality, cold pressed, single sourced extra virgin olive oils you can buy.  And, you can use it in your beauty routine too!