Professor Mary Beard Wins Gold

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Mary Beard Winning Morocco Gold
Mary Beard Winning Morocco Gold

Professor Mary Beard wins gold

We were delighted to attend the gala evening of the British Morocco Society in London this week.

The society is dedicated to the promotion of links and understanding between Morocco and the UK, creating opportunities for social, cultural, educational, business and charitable activities and continuing to contribute to the strong relations started 800 years ago between the UK and Morocco.

Morocco Gold was pleased to provide a case of our fabulous extra virgin olive oil as an auction prize.

Furthermore, we were highly delighted that the winning bid was made by the eminent historian and television presenter Professor Mary Beard. It was particularly fitting as this wonderful extra virgin olive oil has been produced in Morocco since the time of the Romans.

This demonstrates that Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil really does stand the test of time and is as wonderful now as it was then.