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Latest Reasons Why Morocco Is The Best Source For Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Updated 15th July 2021

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The Best Olive Oil From Morocco

A recent article in Olive.com listed eight benefits of using Moroccan Olive Oil (rather than one of the long-standing Mediterranean alternatives).  The team at Morocco Gold believe that our source in the foothills of The Atlas Mountains provides the finest olive oil you can buy and we want to remind you why.

Moroccan’s attitude towards the precious olive is summarised perfectly in this extract from Olive.com:

For those who have travelled to Morocco, it’s an easy concept to understand.  You’ll see olives tossed in harissa, a fiery local spice, and placed on the table for pre-dinner snacking.  You’ll find them in a tagine, adding some salty umani to the local stew.  You’ll pass them while wandering through the maze-like souks, shimmering and piled high outside of market stalls.

And, with such an intense love of their home-grown olives,  it’s easy to see why Morocco has now risen to be the sixth largest supplier of extra virgin olive oil in the world.  But it’s far from being just about quantity.  For Moroccans – and most definitely for Morocco Gold – it’s all about quality.

Put simply, Morocco Gold is produced with love, knowledge and an artistry passed from generation to generation to create this rare Extra Virgin olive oil of exceptional quality.

Reasons To Choose Moroccan Olive Oil

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil New Harvest
Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/ The Health Benefits Of Moroccan Olive Oil Are Incredible

Although it is fair to assume that most high-quality extra virgin olive oil will bring health benefits aplenty, there is growing evidence that Moroccan Olive Oil – and specifically Morocco Gold has exceptionally high levels of polyphenols – a wonderful antioxidant.  In particular, oleocanthal-rich Moroccan extra virgin olive oil may help slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

2/ The Moroccan Climate Is Made For Olive Production

Nestling in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the Beni-Mellal region, about 200km from Marrakesh, produces olive oils of nationwide reputation, but are currently little-known outside of Morocco – until now. The quality of the olive oil produced in Morocco is now being recognised through a recent survey by the International Olive Oil Council. The unique geology and micro-climate of this remote and unspoiled valley provide the perfect conditions for growing Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil olives.

3/ Moroccan Olive Oil Is Winning Awards!

Yes, we are proud to say that the extraordinary quality and standards of extra virgin olive oil production is being recognised by experts in the industry.   Throughout 2020,  Morocco won three awards at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition – a real mark of respect from the international olive oil community.  Among the qualities on which olive oil is judged are: fruitiness, pungency, complexity, harmony, bitterness and persistence. Oil such as Morocco Gold, from the Picholine Marocaine, is renowned for its distinctive green fruitiness, hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and a hint of herbs.  Morocco Gold itself has even picked up a prestigious award for its luxury packaging – demonstrating that attention to every detail is in our DNA!

4/ Production Of Moroccan Olive Oil Is Increasing

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Key Facts
Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production

History tells us that olive trees have been growing in Morocco since ancient times – possibly as early as the 9th millennium BCE.   Indeed, olive oil has long been considered a noble food by the local population.  However,  until relatively recently, the quality of Moroccan olive oil is relatively little known outside of the country.  But this is changing all of the time.  According to the International Olive Oil Council,  Morocco is now the sixth-largest producer of olive oil in the world.  Morocco produced 145,000 tons of olive oil in 2019 – a major increase from the 36,000 tons produced in 1991.

5.  Moroccan Olive Oil Production Supports Women In Agriculture

According to the International Olive Council,  olive growing provides more than 51 million working days every year, which equates to 380,000 jobs – 20% of which are held by women. Morocco Gold is produced by a cooperative which actively encourages women into agriculture. Morocco’s agricultural sector employs approximately 40% of the nation’s workforce; women comprising nearly half of these employees. Employment in agriculture has been shown to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. It is known to reduce poverty directly by raising farm incomes, generating employment and reducing food prices.

Morocco Gold is proud to support the empowerment of Moroccan women through employment in the agricultural sector.