What Should I Eat On A Mediterranean Diet Breakfast

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Study Links Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fuelled Mediterranean Diet Breakfast With Longer Life

Updated 17th January 2024

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast
Mediterranean Diet Breakfast


  • Healthy Breakfast Like Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused Mediterranean Breakfast Could Be Key To Longer Life Says Research.
  • A Healthy Breakfast With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Common Theme In ‘Blue Zones’ Of Longevity Across World.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is A Healthy Fat With Many Health Benefits Including Reduced Inflammation And Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease.
  • Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great with your breakfast eggs or avocado on toast.


Study Links Mediterranean Diet And Improved Longevity.

A healthy breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for your body, and according to new research, it could also be the key to a longer life.

The Blue Zones, areas around the world identified by researchers as having higher concentrations of individuals who live past 100 years.

Beyond these impressive feats of longevity, these locals also enjoy energetic lives which are heavily reliant on one dietary staple: The Mediterranean Diet

Researchers have been studying ‘Blue Zones’ around the world, areas where people are known to live longer and healthier lives, and they’ve found that a healthy Mediterranean diet breakfast is one of the common factors. The Mediterranean diet is high in healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and protecting against heart disease.

So start your day off right with a delicious and nutritious Mediterranean diet breakfast, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and you could be well on your way to a long and healthy life.

Fortunately, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods like nuts, seeds, and fish — and these ingredients can create a variety of tasty and filling breakfasts.

Practical Tips For Breakfast On The Mediterranean Diet

Starting the day with a breakfast that perfectly complements your Mediterranean diet can be a refreshing experience, but the thought of what to make can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of delicious breakfast ideas that won’t weigh you down and will provide the nutrition you need to start your day off right.

From avocado toast with hummus and roasted red peppers to Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the options are endless.

The key is to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while making sure to add in healthy fats like the extra virgin olive oil that the Mediterranean Diet is best known for. So, get creative and start your day with a tasty breakfast that will fuel you through to lunchtime!

Whole-grain English muffin with greens and bean spread.

Whole Grain English Muffin

Another easy Mediterranean diet breakfast option is an English muffin piled high with hearty toppings like adding a handful of potassium-packed spinach and a poached egg.

Any bean dip will do here: hummus, black-bean dip, white-bean dip. It will pull the sandwich together into a cohesive meal. With a little salty and tangy flavor along with its nutritional punch, it’s a great stand-in for cheese, which should be used only sparingly.

Poaching the egg can help you avoid unnecessary calories.

Plain Greek yogurt with a smattering of berries.

Greek Yogurt With Berries

Greek yogurt is strained in a way that makes it higher in protein than regular yogurt. Yogurt is also rich in probiotics, which are good bacteria necessary for many bodily functions. If you want a bit of sweetness, you can add a light drizzle of honey.

And, for an extra crunch, try adding ground flaxseed. It’s rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are important for fighting inflammation in the body.


Almonds For Mediterranean Diet Breakfast

Almonds are a popular snack and ingredient in Mediterranean diet meals from breakfast through to dinner. Almonds offer a filling and energizing combination of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help you feel satisfied.

Eggs made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the ultimate Mediterranean diet breakfast staple.

Eggs The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Staple

Incorporate protein-heavy eggs into your Mediterranean diet breakfast by topping smoked-salmon toast with a poached egg or by scrambling them with feta cheese and tomatoes.

Another tip for the Mediterranean diet breakfast – eat the yolks. Egg yolks contain fat which helps you stay satisfied longer. Egg yolks are also rich in choline, a nutrient that is needed for brain health and helps transport nutrients around your body.

Avocados and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Are Healthy Fats For Breakfast

Avocados For Have Healthy Fat

Although they’re not native to the Mediterranean region, avocados do offer monounsaturated fat, which is the same type found in olive oil. These fats offer potential heart-health benefits and can help with satiety.

Avocados are a good source of fiber. Fiber also helps you stay full and helps keep your blood sugar levels more stable, which is crucial to stabilizing weight, mood, and energy levels.

Whole-grain bagel with hummus and cucumber.

Hummus Is A Source Of Healthy Fats

Combining whole grains with tasty plant-based protein makes for a filling and healthy meal that’ll help get you to lunch. Hummus is a source of healthy fats, which will help you feel satisfied longer.

Toast with peanut butter and banana slices.

Toast With Peanut Butter And Banana Slices

This simple, no-cook meal can be cobbled together in moments and eaten on the go.

With whole-grain bread, you’ll be eating more fiber and vitamins than in white bread, and that will help you stave off those mid-morning munchies. Peanut butter offers those great, healthy fats with its protein, and the banana will add some sweetness, more fiber, and potassium.