Morocco Gold Tasting At Partridges Of London

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Tasting at Partridges of London now stock Morocco Gold

We were delighted to present Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil for tasting to customers at Partridges of London on Friday.

We would like to thank all who tasted for their kind comments such as:

The taste is unbelievably good!!”

Do enjoy adding Morocco Gold to your salads, cooked dishes and in this wonderfully warm weather, with your ice-cream!

About Partridges

Morocco Gold Partridges
Morocco Gold Partridges

Partridges originally opened in 1972 in the fashionable area of Sloane Street in Chelsea. It has a reputation for selling the best quality foods from British producers and importing food and wines from all over the world. It is one of the few remaining family-run food shops in Central London and still cherishes its original idea of providing the very finest quality foods.

While we stock our products at Patridges we are also selling Morocco Gold online via the web site.

Other tastings have taken place over the months in Bakers Larners. Other Fortnum & Mason tasting events can be viewed from these links: