Morocco Gold New 2022 Harvest Evoo – The Best Olive Oil For Our Times

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New Harvest 2022 Evoo Now Available
New 2022 Harvest Evoo Available

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is the Best Olive Oil For our Times. Here’s Why…

Now more than ever so many of us are determined to live well and embrace our health and wellbeing. One of the easiest ways to enhance your health is through all natural, pure, and nourishing foods that support heart health, a strong immune system and promote greater longevity. Moroccan olive oil provides the perfect addition to a diet for health heart.

Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is prized for its high polyphenol content and remarkable health benefits. Polyphenols are compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and protect against heart disease and stroke. In addition, they provide a unique flavour and aroma that is prized by chefs and foodies alike. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, which can help to boost overall health and wellness. When it comes to choosing an olive oil, quality is key. Moroccan extra virgin olive oil is made from the finest olives, resulting in a product that is of the highest quality. If you are looking for an olive oil that delivers on taste, nutrition, and health benefits, then look no further than Moroccan extra virgin olive oil.

And Morocco Gold represents the very best olive oil from Morocco. Morroco Gold is an incredibly rare extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. From branch to bottle, there are no shortcuts taken and no steps are overlooked. Utilizing the best Picholine Marrocaine olives, selected early in the season, handpicked by a co-op of female harvesters, this extraordinary olive oil is cold pressed within 24 hours of picking. The end result has been deemed ‘liquid gold’: an incredibly rare, extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, extraordinary health benefits and a taste like none other. 

Morocco Gold even has a free eBook that tells the full story of this incredible extra virgin olive oil, what’s in it and why it is so good for you. Simply follow this link for your free eBook and find out why this amazing extra virgin olive oil is so good for you.

Food Of The Gods

Food Of The Gods: Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by Gordon Davidson | 29 May 2022

Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil, born in the remote foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, became an overnight international success with it’s launch online in 2018, and from there it is carried by some of the most prominent luxury gourmet retailers like Fortnum & Mason in London.

This superior high quality olive oil is made from only traditional, sustainable growing and harvesting methods, and is recognized for its longevity. What makes Morocco Gold EVOO so special however, is it is bursting with health enhancing polyphenols, the antioxidants that provide protection against a wide range of chronic diseases. This makes Morocco Gold particularly attractive to health-conscious food lovers worldwide.- and how does it taste?

“Amazing!! What I love about the Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is its incredible versatility. It truly has a taste like no other, the best way to describe it would be to say it boasts a fresh green fruitiness, a taste of sweet almond, carob, fresh turf and hints of herbs. It also has a ‘pepperiness’ – but isn’t too aggressive. It’s a smooth high-quality extra virgin olive oil, that will give a well-balanced experience stimulating all your senses and especially your tastebuds!” 

Elizabeth Cross at Home Shopping Marketplace

She went on, “With Morocco Gold you can drizzle it over fresh salads or sprinkle a little pepper and salt and use it for bread dipping. It’s brilliant in soups, on fish and chicken, and there are even those who have sprinkled a little on ice creams, not only to enhance the flavor of the ice creams, but also to make sure they’re sneaking heart healthy foods into their kids’ favorite desserts. Trust me, I was skeptical at first thinking – olive oil on ice cream?? But then I added a little to a scoop of vanilla and it tasted sooo.. good but also helped me to feel less guilty for indulging in the sweets, and I LOVE my sweets!!”

Morocco Gold prides itself on its remarkable flavor and just as remarkable, its health properties. Adding heart healthy, Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil to your diet becomes an incredibly simple lifestyle choice which can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. 

How so?? Well, Morocco Gold reduces the risk of a wide range of chronic illnesses brought on by inflammation, enabling a more pain free and fulfilling life. The polyphenols, Oler-pein A-glie-cone and Oleo-canthal within extra virgin olive oil are proven to help to combat inflammatory diseases.  Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is rich in both of these polyphenols.

New research in fact is showing that the anti-inflammatory properties of these polyphenols may even have a positive effect on the symptoms of long-covid. Which is a much-needed gift for those in need of healing especially during these trying times.

Simply add 2-3 tablespoons of Morocco Gold per day to your diet and you will notice a change for the better health wise.

Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect ‘gift of health’ for family and friends. So, if you want to welcome some healthy delicious goodness into your heart and your diet, click on the link below, it’s that easy!! Grab yours today and celebrate the benefits of good health!