Boost Your Immune System This Fall With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Why Olive Oil Can Supercharge Your September Superfoods

Boost Your Immune System This Fall
Boost Your Immune System This Fall

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only delicious, but it is also packed with antioxidants that can help to boost your immune system. The end of summer can often mark the return of some Autumn and Winter bugs so why not use the power of extra virgin olive oil as a secret weapon against these seasonal nasties? Here are some easy ways to incorporate extra virgin olive oil into your recipes and give your dishes an extra immunity boost.

1. Use olive oil in place of other oils when cooking. Whether you’re sautéing veggies or frying up chicken, extra virgin olive oil is a great substitute for vegetable fats.

2. Add a drizzle of olive oil to soup or pasta dishes. This will not only add flavor, but it will also help you to absorb more of the immune-boosting antioxidants.

3. Make a simple dressing by whisking together olive oil and vinegar. This dressing is perfect for salads or as a dipping sauce for bread.

4. Use olive oil in homemade pesto or sauces. If you’re looking for a way to add some extra flavor to your recipes, try substituting olive oil for other oils in pesto or sauces.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Your Immune System: Tell Me More!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Reduced Cancer Risk

There are multiple studies to show the protective effects of olive oil on your immune system, such as this one published in The National Library of Medicine.  The study provides compelling evidence that olive polyphenols are potential candidates to combat chronic inflammatory states.

Chronic inflammation is thought to be a leading driver of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and even obesity.

Extra-virgin olive oil can reduce inflammation, which may be one of the main reasons for its health benefits.

The main anti-inflammatory effects are mediated by the antioxidants. Key among them is oleocanthal, which has been shown to work similarly to ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Inspiration For Your Immune Boosting Olive Oil Diet

At Morocco Gold, we love to show off just how versatile your bottle of the best extra virgin olive oil can be.  And here is a great example of how it can take centre stage in an immune boosting feast for your eyes and digestive system.

This energy boosting Freekah and Roasted Beetroot Salad from is a stunner!