Give The Gift Of Superior Flavour And Health This Christmas With Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Morocco Gold The Superior Christmas Gift For Health And Taste

Looking for the perfect gift for those special loved ones and ‘foodies’ in your life? – look no further.

Morocco Gold: The Best Olive Oil

Morocco Gold is an exquisite, super premium extra virgin olive oil, made exclusively from olives grown in the foothills of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains where the unique geography and micro-climate create the ideal conditions for olive growing.

Pure and natural, Morocco Gold is superbly presented in a luxurious dark bottle that echoes ancient amphora, (it also helps to preserve the longevity of Morocco Gold). It comes in a stunning premium gift box and is the ideal Christmas present this year.

Morocco Gold is made from the Picholine Marocaine cultivar, harvested and pressed early in the season when the fruit is young to maintain its fresh milled flavour. The end result is a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil with subtle flavours of green fruit, hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and peppery herbs. It’s the ultimate food enhancing ingredient with the unique ability to draw out all the other flavours of food that it is drizzled over or cooked with.

Polyphenols And The Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

So – is olive oil good for you? Not only does this super-premium extra virgin olive oil offer a luxurious flavour profile, it also boasts scientifically-proven health benefits. Rich in polyphenols; a ‘superfood’ antioxidant proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure and keep the digestive tract in good health.

It’s a gift of flavour and health that your friends and family will want to keep.

Bob Watson, Director and Co-founder, Morocco Gold says:

“Our extra virgin olive oil is much like a fine wine due to the high-level of care and attention to detail that goes into producing it. But unlike wine it lasts much longer than just one meal. So rather than gifting premium spirits or wine this year – especially to those of us trying to cut back on alcohol and real food lovers – then why not give them something that’s even more special and healthy too.

Bob Watson, Director and Co-founder, Morocco Gold

Morocco Gold, single estate, extra virgin olive oil is the original superfood that enhances the flavour of food and because of the scientifically-proven health benefits it is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

He continues:

“There really isn’t anything else like Morocco Gold on the market. The class of olives used and the care taken in terms of traceability and quality assurance really does set it apart. For people that value high quality, versatility, health and taste, there is no comparison and it’s the perfect premium gift to put under the tree and use in your own kitchen this Christmas.”

Bob Watson, Director and Co-founder, Morocco Gold
Morocco Gold Luxury Packaging Min

Morocco Gold combines the best of traditional, natural farming methods, with rigorous, certified quality control and traceability practices, to guarantee the provenance, authenticity and extra virgin quality.

Our award winning, environmentally friendly internet packaging means that we can supply Morocco Gold – worldwide.


Sustainability and care for the environment are at the heart of everything we do. Morocco Gold olives are grown using only natural, traditional methods and generations of knowledge. Our olives are harvested and pressed by a local cooperative which actively supports schemes to create employment for women in agriculture. Empowering women to participate in agricultural co-operatives gives them greater influence over household income and expenditures – which typically helps to reduce household poverty and benefit children.