What Gives Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Morocco The Edge?

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The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil From The Foothills Of The Atlas Mountains

Olives In The Atlas Mountains
Olives In The Atlas Mountains

When we think of traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil producing regions, Morocco may not be the first country that springs to mind.  But this bountiful country, rich in geographic diversity, is the most exciting new entrant to the arena of extra virgin olive oil production.

Morocco is proud of its thriving agricultural sector, a key part of which is olive cultivation and the production of olive oil.

Countries more traditionally associated with centuries of harvesting the humble olive for oil production have faced major challenges of late, falling prey to a disease called Xyella which is spread by sap-sucking insects and has devastated olive and fruit orchards across Southern Europe. In particular, the outbreak has amplified problems in Italy’s strained olive oil sector. In 2018, the country reported a 57% drop in its olive harvest compared to 2017 – a 25-year low. Researchers blamed a frosty spring followed by a summer drought. This weakened the olive trees and left them even more susceptible to infection.

So, while you may reach for your own ‘comfort zone’ olive oil from one of the Mediterranean regions, it could be time to widen your tastes and opt for the unique quality and flavour of Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

For health conscious, discerning food lovers across all cultures and culinary backgrounds, Morocco Gold is a natural, unfiltered, ultra-premium, polyphenol rich extra virgin olive oil, whose exquisite taste and health enhancing qualities are guaranteed by our rigorous testing, provenance and authenticity, and strict adherence to single estate sourcing, with no blending or mixing.

Morocco is on pace to be the fifth largest producer of olive oil in the 2020/21 crop year, according to data published by Juan Vilar Strategic Consultants.The North African country is expected to produce 140,000 tons of olive oil in the current crop year.

Where Are Morocco Gold Olives Sourced?

The Morocco Gold olive growing area is 180 kms and about 4 hours drive north east from Marrakesh. It is situated in a raised valley in the foothills of the magnificent Atlas mountains in the Azilal Province which is part of the Beni Mellal region

This elevated valley has an altitude varying between 700m and 900m along its 40kms. This creates its own micro-climate and terroir with temperatures generally 2c below the coastal plain in the daytime and 5c at night-time. These differences create unique high-quality olive growing conditions which are concentrated in the eastern half of the valley.

We at Morocco Gold are delighted to know that our customers take such an interest in how our olive plants are grown as we do and our proud to share the delicate process in detail with you here.

As you will see, nothing is left to chance!

Morocco Gold Supports Women in Agriculture.

Woman Harvesting Olives In The Atlas Mountains
Woman Harvesting Olives In The Atlas Mountains

‘The Sisters’ – harvesting Morocco Gold Olives

Women make up, on average, 43 percent of the agriculture labor force in developing countries, and 50 percent or more in some parts of Africa, yet they make up less than 20 percent of all land holders and have limited access to seeds, fertilizer, equipment, financing and training.

Strengthening women’s land and property rights empowers women to participate in community organizations and gives them greater influence over household income and expenditures, which typically helps to reduce household poverty and benefit children.

Moroccan Cooking With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now that you know just how special Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, we want to leave you with an idea for how to incorporate this ‘liquid gold’ into a traditional Moroccan dish.

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