How The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Compliment Spring Flavours

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Swap Saturated Fat For The Health Benefits Of Olive Oil This Spring

Updated February 10th 2024

Seasonal Spring Vegetables
Seasonal Spring Vegetables


  • Making a healthy swap to cooking Springtime vegetables with extra virgin olive oil is a great choice for your health.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent option for drizzling over grilled meat or adding to salads for extra flavour.
  • Substituting saturated fat with extra virgin olive oil can bring out the natural flavours of many Spring vegetables.


Spring is the perfect time to make healthy swaps in your kitchen, and a quality polyphenol-rich extra-virgin olive oil is an excellent choice.

As Spring bursts forth with fresh new vegetables, it’s the perfect time to embrace the seasonal bounty and celebrate healthier eating. However, knowing which oils to use when cooking and dressing these delicate greens and veggies can be a dilemma.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always a staple, but did you know extra virgin olive oil has special properties that make it a phenomenal pairing for Spring’s harvest? Its subtle yet complex flavor acts as an ideal complement to highlights the natural tastes of asparagus, peas, carrots and more.

In this post, we’ll explore why extra virgin olive oil should be your go-to for all Spring vegetable preparations from light sautes to bright, flavorful dressings. You’ll discover new ways to enjoy peak-season produce that are both nutritious and absolutely delicious!

Not only is extra-virgin olive oil a delicious replacement for saturated fats, but it is also rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Eating extra-virgin olive oil can boost heart health, help regulate cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and even lower blood pressure.

For spring entertaining you might opt for swapping out butter on fresh asparagus drizzled in extra virgin olive oil or topping grilled shrimp with extra virgin olive oil and spices for extra flavor. Even baking recipes like lemon cake get extra moistness from extra virgin olive oil if you replace some of the butter usually called for in baking recipes. So ditch the bad fats this spring and try extra virgin olive oil instead – your taste buds will thank you!

Choosing extra-virgin olive oil can make spring entertaining both delicious and easy; there are plenty of creative cooking ideas that rely on extra-virgin olive oil as the base ingredient! Whether you’re making salad dressings or sautéing vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil brings flavor and health benefits to every culinary creation – so make sure to add it to your grocery list this spring!

Four Things To Remember When Cooking With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Extra virgin olive oil is great for roasting vegetables because it brings out their natural flavors
  2. Extra virgin olive oil can also be used in salad dressings or as a dipping sauce
  3. When cooking with extra virgin olive oil, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature so that it doesn’t burn
  4. Adding herbs and spices to your dishes will also help bring out their flavors

Spring is finally here and for food lovers, this means delicious seasonal flavours to enjoy – many of which pair well with a high-quality extra virgin olive oil like Morocco Gold.

Warm weather means lighter eating, and what could be lighter than fresh, seasonal produce? This time of year is perfect for experimenting with different flavors and spices in your cooking. One way to add flavor is by using the best olive oil available.

Olive oil is a great way to add richness and depth to any dish. It can be used as a marinade, dressing, or dip. For example, try mixing it with some vinegar and herbs to make a simple vinaigrette for salads. Olive oil also pairs well with grilled vegetables or fish. You can even use it as a finishing touch for pastas or rice dishes. With so many ways to enjoy olive oil, here are just a few ideas on how to incorporate it into the heart of your springtime meals.

What Are The Main Springtime Fruit And Vegetables?

If, like many of us at Morocco Gold, you are keen to follow the Mediterranean Diet principals by including more fruit and vegetables into your diet, Spring is a great time to explore some seasonal options.  These include:


Fresh herbs

Brussels sprouts

These vegetables and fruits work very well in mains, starters, sides or desserts.  When it comes to cooking with a seasonal flair, Spring is a great time to use herbs to finish dishes and marinade dishes.  And what better way to give your marinade a feeling of health and indulgence that with a quality extra virgin olive oil, such as Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Head on over to our dedicated recipe page to try this delicious grilled vegetable salad with extra virgin olive oil or for something a little more adventurous, this Zaalouk Salad Recipe is bound to wow your Easter guests.

How To Cook Seasonal Meat With Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Moroccan Herb Tabbouleh
Moroccan Herb Tabbouleh

When we think of meat associated with Spring, most of us may think of a tender leg of lamb or lamb joint.  However,  there are many other Springtime choices for meat lovers – many of which work well with extra virgin olive oil.  It can sometimes be used in the cooking stage or simply as part of a side dish to accompany your meat centrepiece.

This Spring the following meats are in season:

  • Hare
  • Rabbit
  • Wood Pigeon
  • Lamb
  • Poussin

According to olive oil expert Judy Ridgway, extra virgin olive oil enhances game recipes.  And, as she explains, there are not just taste advantages to incorporating the best olive oil into your recipes:

“The olive oil helps to lubricate what can often be quite dry meat and gives an excellent flavour to the dish.  Using olive oil in this way also contributes to the two to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day which many experts believe can reduce the risk of chronic disease and lead to a healthier future,”

Judy Ridgway

And when it comes to pairing lamb with extra virgin olive oil, nothing quite does it justice like a beautiful lamb tagine – the ultimate Moroccan masterpiece.

Here is one of our top picks from the Morocco Gold Recipe collection: Lamb Tagine With Herb Tabbouleh. Packed with spring flavours.

We hope you are inspired to explore some of the best flavours that Spring has to offer with a bottle of the best extra virgin olive oil close at hand.

Happy Cooking!